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[PODCAST] Why Golf Outings are the Go-To Nonprofit Fundraiser

Why Golf Outings Are Becoming the Go-To Fundraiser

It’s no secret that fundraising evolved in the past year. In 2021, few in-person events could be done safely or even legally in the nonprofit space. Social distancing mandates and gathering restrictions took a toll on fundraisers across the board. That is, except for one: golf outings.


In fact, golf outings saw a 7.4% increase in 2021 according to the National Golf Foundation. These classic fundraisers proved to be a pandemic-friendly option, encouraging people to get outside. Executive directors who never raised a club before found themselves greeting donors out on the green. And even more nonprofit leaders will do the same this coming year. How about your organization? Is a golf outing in your future?


In this episode of the Good to Growth podcast, Katie talks to Logan Foote, the manager of development and education for—an event management software company specifically designed for nonprofits. Logan shares insights on everything from how soon you should start planning a golf outing (earlier is better!) to how we can adapt these sport-oriented events for people who don’t play the game. Even if golf isn’t your thing, this episode will have you counting down the days until summer!


About Logan Foote (the golf outings guru):

Logan Foote is the Education and Development Manager at Since 2017, Logan has worked with all types of nonprofit organizations to automate and streamline the management of their golf events and maximize fundraising outcomes. Logan has been playing golf since he was four years old. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two sons.

Shout out to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions for making this podcast possible!

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