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The Nonprofit’s Guide to Digital Advertising

Nonprofit’s Guide to

Digital Advertising

Why Nonprofit Digital Advertising is a Must

Do you want the world to know about your mission and easily support it? We thought so. Nearly every major brand uses digital advertising to reach their current and prospective audience, including nonprofits! Digital advertising is often more affordable, targeted, and trackable than traditional paid media. Digital advertising can help your nonprofit to reach more donors and volunteers, better steward your marketing dollars, while enhancing your other fundraising activities like newsletters and events.

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Digital Advertising walks you through how to get started and what channels are most effective for cause-oriented organizations like yours. You’ll learn:

  • What digital advertising is, and how it works for nonprofits
  • How much should a nonprofit invest in digital advertising
  • Why digital advertising is effective for nonprofit organizations
  • Retargeting campaigns for nonprofits
  • Paid search campaigns for nonprofits
  • Paid social campaigns for nonprofits
  • How Feathr (the author of this guide) works with nonprofits to use digital advertising

Rady to get started?

Download the guide and consider how a digital approach could take your nonprofit to a new level!

Digital Advertising Guide

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