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[PODCAST] Scrappy Nonprofit Accounting

Why DIY Nonprofit Accounting is a Don’t

The nonprofit sector is notoriously self-sufficient—and often a little scrappy—when it comes to nonprofit accounting. With the aid of Google and volunteers plus an unabashed passion for our cause, we attempt to do all sorts of things we probably shouldn’t. We do it to save money, but we also do it to prove we can (at least, I do…sometimes). While our intentions are good, our capacity and lack of expertise often catch up with us.

When it comes to finances, it’s important to have more than just good intentions. In this episode of the Good to Growth podcast, Germeen Guillaume of Visionary Accounting Group talks with Katie about the ins and outs of nonprofit budget season. And this might be the year to start with a fresh budget template. 

With a background in for-profit auditing and nonprofit accounting, Germeen brings a wealth of best practices to this interview. You’ll learn whether or not you should buy your auditors Starbucks or why outsourcing your books might improve board relations. In short, this discussion will answer the nonprofit accounting questions you didn’t even know you had!


About Germeen:

Germeen Y. Guillaume (pronounced GEE-YOME) is the CEO and Founder of Visionary Accounting Group. She’s an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for numbers. She enjoys helping nonprofit organizations navigate the complex world of accounting in order to experience growth.

Germeen’s experience in the accounting field spans over 10 years and was the catalyst for creating her own firm. She founded Visionary Accounting Group in 2015 and has been helping nonprofits leverage technology as a means to gain deeper financial insight and real-time data. To date, Germeen has led the Company in recouping over $2.8M in receivables through workflow automation and accounting system conversions. She’s aided clients through external and agency audits, integrating tech solutions, strategic management reporting, and preparation for funding/financing. Germeen is an avid traveler, loves reading, and is passionate about educating others on financial literacy. On any given day, you can find her discussing important money matters and awaiting her next traveling adventure.

Shout out to Kessel Strategies for making this podcast possible!

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