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[PODCAST] The Recipe for Winning Virtual Meetings

Do you ever find yourself saying, “This should’ve been an email,” in your team’s virtual meetings? You’re not alone. We’re all engaging in more virtual events and meeting these days and the “Zoom Fatigue” is real. There are also a lot of great benefits of our virtual lifestyles, i.e., increased diversity and accessibility, less travel, and efficiency. Heather Burright of Skillmasters Market walks us through three easy-to-understand components of winning virtual training and meetings. Are they…

  • Relevant?
  • Meaningful?
  • Fun?

Don’t take those terms at face value, though! Heather digs into what each one means for both those conducting the meeting and attending it. As we discuss shenanigans like team improv and other “forced fun,” ways to increase engagement, we realize it’s not as simple or one-size-fits-all as it sounds!

About Heather Burright

Leveraging 15 years of professional experience, Heather Burright, founder and CEO of Skill Masters Market, specializes in creating dynamic, people-centric solutions that drive business goals. With her comes expertise in strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion; instructional design; and change management. She’s dedicated to identifying core competencies that are needed to see real results and to creating the learning strategies and solutions needed to develop those competencies. Most recently, Heather managed a proprietary competency model for YMCA of the USA. She spent countless hours educating and influencing HR leaders across the country, deepening their knowledge of why and how to implement the model.

Prior to her work in nonprofit, Heather led the way in innovative training design in industries such as for-profit higher education and government agencies.

Heather earned an advanced degree from Jacksonville State University in Alabama.

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