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RallyUp Reimagines Nonprofit Fundraising

RallyUp Reimagines Nonprofit Fundraising

RallyUp Reimagines Nonprofit Fundraising is Inside Charity’s take on this new virtual fundraising platform. RallyUp has announced the launch of its new Virtual and Hybrid Events solution, designed specifically for fundraising that lets organizers handle ticketing, livestreaming, donations, and more – all in one seamless, interactive solution suite.

As digitization continues to change everything about how people work, live, and interact on a daily basis, there has been a paradigm shift in how giving takes place, with younger generations now increasingly interested in micro-philanthropy. While individual donation amounts may be getting smaller – cause-based awareness, mobilization, and the sheer volume of donations are rising. However, without the tools and technology to capitalize on this shift, organizations will miss out on a new audience of donors.

“The traditional in-person gala is still important in the context of fundraising, but it’s not where the majority of giving is happening today. Today’s donors are part of a new hybrid world, where offline and online meet, and they want to be able to participate in giving events with the same flexibility they approach the rest of their lives,” said Steve Bernat, CEO, RallyUp. “But this changing face of fundraising wouldn’t be possible without technology to improve the giving experience. If organizers don’t adopt new solutions now, they’ll lose significant opportunities to raise more money in this shifting world, and may even risk losing their donor audience altogether.”

RallyUp Reimagines Nonprofit Fundraising

Until now, event organizers have been forced to juggle disparate fundraising solutions for ticketing, livestreaming, donations, and more if they wanted to capitalize on the virtual or hybrid event experience. Organizers often lose days or weeks trying to evaluate the right apps and services they hope will appeal to donors. During a live event, however, it’s chaotic to stitch mismatched solutions together, both for showrunners and for donors. With RallyUp’s Virtual and Hybrid Events solution, non-profit staff and volunteers can free up more time for other important activities in support of their cause.

“At Project Koru’s signature event, Kiteboard 4 Cancer, we rely on the generosity of our donors to help young adult cancer survivors find healing through community and the outdoors.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it more challenging than ever for people to meaningfully participate in our cause,” said Beth Peck, Executive Director of Project Koru, and a RallyUp customer. “While the future of charity events is still taking shape in this new hybrid world, we’re excited to use RallyUp’s new livestreaming platform to grow our fundraisers and engage new donors from all over the world.”

Key Features of Virtual and Hybrid Events
RallyUp’s Virtual and Hybrid Events solution makes it easy for organizations to bring on-site attendees together with a virtual audience by letting them connect, compete, and participate together in a wide variety of traditional activities like raffles, auctions, and sales, as well as through RallyUp’s new features including:

  • Robust Event Platform – Organizations can livestream to more than 10,000 attendees with all the functionality needed to run a major virtual fundraising event.
  • Interactive Livestreaming Actions Actions like Trivia Contests, Spotlight Items, Paddle Raises, Flash Auctions and Raffles, and Donate-to-Vote help virtual event organizers engage more donors to support their cause to the fullest extent.
  • Single Experience Page Donors often have to navigate one or more URLs to engage with an organization’s fundraising activities before an event, and then a different URL during the livestreamed event. Now, organizers can share a single URL that donors can use from start to finish.
  • Unlimited and Gated Livestreaming Organizers can host as many livestreams as they want for a single experience. Livestreams can also be limited to people who buy tickets, or they can be open to the public.

 “Virtual or otherwise, it’s critical that any fundraising event runs smoothly to make the most impact for a deserving cause,” continued Bernat. “Our new livestreaming solution helps organizations transform every step of the fundraising process so they can focus on inspiring donors to further connect to their mission.”

For more information on the new Virtual and Hybrid Events solution, or to request a demo of RallyUp, visit

About RallyUp

RallyUp is a robust, start to finish virtual fundraising platform that allows charities, schools, and other organizations to create next-generation fundraising experiences that help them further their causes in significant ways.

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