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How Hybrid Fundraising Can Sustain Nonprofits
September 14, 2021
Nonprofit Leadership Transition: Best Practices
September 21, 2021
How Hybrid Fundraising Can Sustain Nonprofits
September 14, 2021
Nonprofit Leadership Transition: Best Practices
September 21, 2021

Tools to Grow Your Nonprofit Mission

Whether you’re starting a nonprofit or looking to grow the support or capacity of an existing organization, you’re in the right place. The nonprofit sector has no shortage of great resources and Nonprofit Hub specializes in providing those that are free, engaging and easily implemented. However you learn best, there is a track available through Nonprofit Hub to get you the knowledge and expertise you need to grow your nonprofit mission. So, let’s get started…

Square One: Taking an Idea from Concept to 501c3 Organization

Starting a nonprofit organization can be overwhelming. Tax status, donations, grants, bylaws, and boards are just a smattering of the unique variables in the voluntary sector. It’s going to be okay! Here are some resources to help you navigate:

Start a Nonprofit Course

[PODCAST] What to Consider Before Starting a Nonprofit | Ft. Kishshana Palmer

What’s the Risk of Starting a Nonprofit [BLOG]

The Basics of Organization Development

Even if you’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for decades, a refresher on the basics can be helpful. Leading a charity presents unique challenges like managing the roles of marketing and fundraising, building a brand, and growing in a way that aligns with your mission. Many organizations reach an early plateau because they fail to grow their organization in a diversified and organic way…Don’t make that mistake! Check out these resources to help your organization build a solid foundation: 

What is a Vision Statement? Why Nonprofits Need Them [BLOG]

Creating a Mission Statement Guide

How to Create a Brand Guide 

Fundraising + Marketing: A Force For Good (and other on-demand webinars)

The Unsexy But Necessary Operational Matters

Documenting your tax status and creating budgets is hardly the stuff of most nonprofit leader’s dreams, but too many awake with nightmares about these topics. Taking time to build your knowledge of the infrastructure of your organization, board dynamics, and fiscal policy will not only help you avoid those late-night cold sweats but serve your mission with more confidence. Let’s get started:

Nonprofit Accounting Essentials Course

The Ultimate Budget Guide

The Accounting Basics Every Nonprofit Team Member Should Know [BLOG]

Board Basics Course 

Three Common Nonprofit Board Myths [BLOG]

Leading a Charity is Hard…Let Us Help

Leading is hard in any regard, but nonprofit leaders are often required to wear multiple hats that can dilute their leadership or confound their mission. You’re not alone! From motivating your team to rallying volunteer support, we’ve assembled a great variety of resources to help you manage the many hats and maybe even take off a few. 

Five Limiting Beliefs of Nonprofit Leaders [BLOG]

Grow Your Confidence so You Can Grow Your Nonprofit’s Mission [BLOG]

How Can Nonprofit Leaders Support Boundaries [BLOG]

Encouragement for the Struggle

Whether a global pandemic or a major philanthropic trend changes, we will keep with the times so you can keep doing good. Check back often and consider subscribing to these channels for the most up-to-date content and resources. 

Nonprofit Hub Radio: The Hubcast [PODCAST]

Online Courses

FREE Guides

Cause Camp | The Top Nonprofit Conference

Cause Network

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