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FireFly Partners Releases Nonprofit Marketing Software

FireFly Partners Releases Nonprofit Marketing Software

FireFly Partners Releases Nonprofit Marketing Software is a announcement regarding their new digital marketing platform.

Firefly Partners, a leading digital agency for nonprofit organizations, has spent months investigating and compiling a guide that features some of the best marketing, fundraising, and P2P platforms that integrate with Salesforce. The nonprofit technology space is constantly evolving and with hundreds of platforms to choose from, it is understood that tool selection is an involved process. The comprehensive guide, Making the Switch, is designed to highlight the top tools on the market while giving essential information on how to best prepare, select a new tool, what the process looks like, and how to get started.

Firefly Partners has been a leader for nonprofits in the digital space. The company puts their digital marketing and technology expertise to support progressive nonprofits working to tackle today’s biggest social challenges. Firefly works with organizations in digital strategy, website design and development, fundraising campaigns, tool selection and optimization. Mauda Moran, Director of Communications for the Native American Rights Fund said,“Working with Firefly Partners on the large project of migrating to Engaging Network’s eCRM was a pleasure. Their team kept us on schedule, helped us clearly think through how to best achieve our goals, answered all of our questions as they arose, and provided the technical expertise we needed to create the digital collateral and features that we needed.”

The release of the guide is accompanied by a three part live webinar series covering Preparing for the Switch, Evaluating and Selecting New Tools and Moving In and Using New Tools Effectively. All webinars and the guide itself are free for all nonprofit organizations and professionals interested in alignment with Firefly’s mission to harness the power of digital technologies to create a more inclusive and just world.

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