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Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Foundation Grants?
July 30, 2021
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August 5, 2021
Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Foundation Grants?
July 30, 2021
Major Gifts: How Two Fundraising Professionals Successfully Made the Ask
August 5, 2021

Finish The Summer Strong With Your Nonprofit

Vacation requests, fewer conference invites, sporadic emails—summer tends to be a lighter season for the nonprofit sector. For many people, summer is a chance to slow down and recharge, meaning that the work might slow down, too. This year in particular, HubSpot found that employees across various sectors are starting to unplug and take long-awaited vacations as places start to reopen, leading to an even bigger summer slump.

However, fall will be here in no time, and with that comes all the responsibilities of the year-end season. Taking advantage of these slower moments can help your nonprofit get ready and not feel blindsided by the upcoming task at hand. Here are some ways you or your organization can finish the summer strong and prepare for what’s ahead. 

Start Preparing a Strategy

What are your campaign goals? Which theme or messaging will you use? How many times will you make the ask? 

Having a successful strategy for the year-end giving season means knowing the answers to these questions and more. Even though it might seem a little early, now is a great time to start making a plan. If your team finds itself with extra time on your hands, use some of that time and begin to brainstorm what this fall will look like. And if this summer is still a busy season for your nonprofit, try to come up with an answer for at least one of these questions. This will still help you get ahead of the game when summer transitions to fall. 

Learn Something This Summer

Summer can be a useful time to learn, grow and brush up on your skills. What better way to prepare for a fundraising campaign than to learn more about fundraising? There are countless resources out there to provide you with insight and information, from infographics to seminars. The Do More Good & Nonprofit Hub team is glad to offer engaging and educational resources to the nonprofit sector, and we even have an upcoming (free!) webinar about fundraising. Find out more about “Understanding Why People Give” presented by Laura White Ludvik, CFRM, on August 11 by clicking here. You can also register to get the recording on-demand after the live session. 

Engage Your Current Supporters

Just because summer is slower than year-end season doesn’t mean there isn’t valuable support for your nonprofit happening right now. Now that we’re over halfway through 2021, consider taking a moment to reach out to your donors or members who have supported your organization through another unpredictable year. Draft a personal email to send to your most loyal supporters, create a video message to new donors using a video messaging app, or send a fun summer-themed postcard in the mail as you say thank you. A little gratitude can go a long way. 

Support Your Team

With summer vacations still in full swing, nonprofit leaders might find themselves interacting with a smaller workforce at times. But it’s still important to make an effort to support your team. Check in with your team members and encourage good communication when they’re on the clock. When it comes to vacations and taking time off, ask how you can set your team members up for success and allow them to fully unplug. Enjoying some much-needed breaks will help everyone feel refreshed before heading into the year-end season.

Take Advantage of Summer Savings 

Everyone loves a good sale. As the businesses and retail stores start to advertise end-of-summer sales, there are discounts out there that can benefit you or your nonprofit. Whether you save money on airfare by booking conference travel accommodations in advance or seek out savings on any resources or materials to help your year-end campaign, look for ways that you can be mindful of your organization’s budget. 

A great way you can save right now is through Do More Good & Nonprofit Hub’s summer specials. We’re still offering 50% off membership or any course, including the faith-based Nonprofit Foundations Certificate with Cornerstone University. Take advantage of these opportunities and get the resources you need to do more good as we approach the year-end season.


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