October 3, 2023
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Carroll Center for the Blind Awarded $500K
May 28, 2021
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May 30, 2021

benePerks Provides Nonprofit Health Benefits

benePerks Provides Nonprofit Health Benefits

benePerks Provides Nonprofit Health Benefits is Inside Charity’s take on a product that ensures nonprofits are able to take care of their most important resource …THEIR STAFF.


For years, healthcare has slowly evolved to where it stands today. If you were to compare your health coverage from 2005 to what is available in the market today, the two would be almost unrecognizable in relation to one another. Through these gradual changes, the days of low monthly premiums and easy to understand schedules of benefits have given way to increased deductibles and high-cost burdens on policyholders. While advancements in technology have made signing up for benefits easier, the often-confusing nature of healthcare outweighs this benefit. No matter where you get your healthcare coverage from, the one thing everyone can agree on is its increasing out of pocket costs to the person it should be protecting.

With arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to healthcare became a challenge for every American. Virtual Care, a previously underutilized service, rose in popularity by its ability to provide employees with 24/7 access to care with a physician via telephone or video for medical consultations. This convenient and very inexpensive option kept both healthcare providers and patients safe, while allowing the vast majority of easily treatable ailments to be taken care of.
We stand at this point in time in a very interesting crossroads; how do employers provide the best possible coverage for their hard-working employees while leveraging advances in technology but avoiding the confusing minefield of regulations and remaining affordable? That’s where benePerks® comes in.

Not Just Special, but Unique Offerings

benePerks® was born with a focus on healthcare, but quickly expanded to provide a comprehensive 360-degree approach to employee benefits for small businesses. The brainchild of Founder & President, Greg Meyer, the company’s main focus is simplicity. As a health insurance industry veteran of over 20 years, Greg repeatedly observed how small business are often left behind by the industry leaving their employees exposed. Utilizing many relationships in the industry cultivated over years of assisting small businesses, he was able to bring insurance carriers together to develop offerings, pricing, and eligibility thresholds that address small organization needs.

Though it provides customized, turn-key benefits packages pulling in multiple major carriers for small businesses, benePerks® excels at ensuring clients are not left with a haphazardly slapped together Band-Aid left behind under the pretense of solving problems. Through utilization of technology and personalized approach, clients are provided the tools and support structure necessary to ensure employees not only have access to their healthcare, but also fully understand how to use it.

benePerks Provides Nonprofit Health Benefits

Just like no business can operate without its back office, no benefits solution remains in place without support. Organizations face a large burden through daily operations with members often wearing multiple hats. There is little to no time or energy to be spent attempting to understand or administer benefits. benePerks® reduces the burden of healthcare administration and compliance on employers by placing information and resources literally in the hands of enrollees with its mobile Benefits App. It provides all relevant information on coverages, benefits, and support.

When claims or coverage questions come up, benePerk’s® Concierge Service connects enrollees to 24/7 support that answers coverage and benefits questions, as well as advises and assists on accessing services. In addition to being extremely convenient and private, this eliminates yet another administrative burden on employers and/or employees needing to research typically lengthy and complex documentation. Should all else fail, benePerks® Advisors provide the personal interaction some issues require.

Visit Here to See benePerks Schedule of Benefits

We at benePerks® have a special appreciation for non-profits who provide public service, while making the world a better place. benePerks® focus is on small businesses with the core belief that making the world a better place starts at the grassroots.

Newer non-profits sometimes struggle competing with financial compensation offered by for-profit corporations, yet the value and impact of capable and talented employees is similar for both. Offering non-profit workers valuable benefits not only affects quality of staff, but is wholly consistent with the non-profit practice of looking out for and improving human well-being.

Studies have shown that Healthcare is the most desired benefit; often outranking Vacation, Bonuses, 401(k), and others. Often times quality employees will leave a job not because of pay or dissatisfaction with the organization, but because an opportunity opened up that provided benefits. Non-profit employees are proud of the work they do, and are equally proud of the organizations they work for. This pride is significantly higher than those in other fields. We at benePerks® see and feel this in our every interaction with non-profits and are honored to be able to assist the many fine organizations of NANOE with ensuring they have the tools to take care of their most treasured asset, their employees.

Learning More About benePerks® and Becoming a Client

The process is quick and easy, typically beginning with a 20-minute demo. Based on what we learn of your needs and interests, we send you a 1-page initial summary of coverage options and costs. When you decide that benePerks® is the right fit for your company, our Advisors will schedule a time to provide benefits education and enrollment for your employees, whether it be in person, telephonic, or online.
Bottom line, unless you’re thrilled with the healthcare benefits you’re currently providing the hard-working and dedicated employees at your small organization, schedule a demo with us. We promise it will be time well spent.
Tell us your biggest challenges and let us respond with one of our favorite phrases:

“This is why benePerks® was created!”

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