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6 Skills Nonprofit Job Seekers Need to Have

Writing a flawless resume, winning the competition, and landing a job is never easy. It always requires marketing yourself the right way. And, often, simply showing your qualifications is not enough.

This is true for the traditional job market. But when it comes to hunting for nonprofit jobs, things can get even tougher. That’s because the requirements and expectations for such positions go beyond having some professional experience and education.

If you are wondering what skills to focus on in your resume in the nonprofit sector, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will tell you about the six most sought-after qualities that you need to possess to stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in!

Nonprofit job skills

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What Is a Nonprofit Job?

In the next part of our article, we are going to focus on the top skills required to succeed. If you are an absolute newcomer to the nonprofit world, you should first ensure that you understand what you will be dealing with in your job search.

So, what do nonprofit jobs stand for? In a nutshell, this term can apply to a large array of positions that are within or somehow related to any non-business entity. This can include but is not limited to volunteering. Despite the common belief, such organizations are hiring a wide range of specialists, including CEOs and managers.

Nonprofit Job Resume: Top 6 Skills to Have

So, you already have a clear definition of this kind of job. Now, the biggest question that remains unanswered is how to write a good resume if you are a nonprofit job seeker. Let us help you sort it out!

The good news is that the resume structure and format are generally the same for most types of roles regardless of the sector. However, the bad news is that the competition in the nonprofit sector is no less hefty than in the traditional for-profit landscape. So, the success directly depends on how well you can attract the recruiters’ attention and show that you are a perfect match. To do this, you will have to focus on skills.

When it comes to the nonprofit job search, skills are your most valuable asset. If you are wondering what specific abilities your potential employers may be looking for, here are the top six of them to keep in mind.

Passion for Doing Mission-Driven Work

If we had to name the most important soft skill to land a job in this sector and succeed in it, this would be it.

Nonprofit organizations are the ones that find their core mission not in generating income but in advocating a cause and pursuing a humanitarian or social goal. Thus, the first and main thing potential employers will pay attention to is your understanding of their mission and passion for working towards it.

Simply put, regardless of the role you choose, the key to success in this field is having firm values and beliefs that align with the ones your organization has. Be passionate about doing something purposeful.

Online Video Creation

According to one of Google’s surveys released in 2013, online videos are the most influential type of content that helps drive donations. Ever since that time, online video appears in every year’s digital marketing trends lists for nonprofit organizations.

With that in mind, there is no wonder why all skills related to online video content creation, moderation, and distribution are highly sought-after by employers in this sector.

Nonprofit job skills

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Grant Writing

Most organizations operating in this field are constantly competing for various grants. That’s why potential employers often give their preference to candidates who have the skills needed to write and manage grants.

Of course, you may never face the need to leverage your grant writing skills at work. Moreover, not all positions will have it in their initial list of requirements. Yet, if you do have such abilities, be sure to indicate it. This can give you a real competitive advantage.


It doesn’t matter what position you are applying for. You may be a volunteer or a CEO. But one skill that is crucial for any job in the nonprofit field is excellent communication.

Being a part of an organization, you will constantly have to communicate with all sorts of people. This might include coworkers, partners, and the public. Therefore, having strong communication skills (both written and oral) is a must.

Tech Skills

If you look at the top trends for nonprofit organizations that are there in 2021, you’ll see that technology plays an important role, just like all other fields in the 21st century. Therefore, being tech-savvy is also necessary.

What tech skills are the most sought-after? The list can vary depending on the specific position you are looking for. This can include HTML, digital marketing, photo/video editing, graphic design, and more.

Flexibility and Collaboration

Every non-business entity is looking for employees that are flexible in the first place. Working in this field often requires adjusting to circumstances, as well as cooperating with very diverse groups.

With that in mind, one more critical skill to highlight on a resume is teamwork. Trust us, your chances of landing a job will increase if you show that you can work effectively both as an individual and a part of the group.

The Bottom Line for Nonprofit Job Seekers

Now, you know what top six skills nonprofit job seekers should have on their resumes to get noticed by recruiters and land the desired position.

Of course, many other important qualities and abilities can also come in handy. Yet, the ones we’ve discussed so far are considered the key prerequisites to a successful job search in nonprofit organizations. Be sure to put them in your resume to jump-start your career!


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