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Good Finds for Nonprofits: Engagement Communities

Each week we’ll bring you a new resource that we think could revolutionize the nonprofit sector—or at least your workweek. It may be an app, platform, podcast, or product that will help you do more good. This week, we’re looking at Engagement Communities, a platform designed to elevate your interaction with your team or board.

MissionBox Engagement Communities

MissionBox Engagement Communities

Does it ever feel like the more ways we have to communicate, the more confusing and complicated things become? Zoom, email, text, meeting times, attachments, links and loss of sanity…these are the days of our lives. The structure of a board and the board governance process, including monthly or quarterly meetings, amplifies the struggle.

There is good news. We found a platform that creates designated space for the groups you work with most, like your board. Mission Box’s Engagement Communities program provides a designated and secure space for everything from posting training to taking polls.

Here are a few things we love about this program:

  • It removes most excuses. Long gone are the days of wrong links, lost emails, or spam filter debacles. An Engagement Community allows you to create a go-to space for your board or team. With this platform, you can connect, store, and share resources.
  • The platform challenges you to expand. With the ability to create trainings, post videos, and share articles with ease, you may find that you’re able to do more in terms of board development.
  • It’s secure. With this in mind, you can stop worrying about misplaced papers or hacked email. The cloud-based program keeps sensitive documents safe and secure.
  • It builds belonging and culture. Although we may be socially distanced these days, there is something beautiful about having a designated space—even if it’s virtual—where your board can connect. It’s hard to feel disconnected when you’re all connecting in the same space.

Tip for Success: We strongly encourage building out content in the platform before inviting board members inside. It will help demonstrate the usefulness of the platform. In addition, it will invite members to engage in the use of your Engagement Community early on.

The consensus: Virtual is the new reality. Engagement Communities are a practical, affordable, and highly engaging way to build a strong board dynamic, encourage engagement, and keep governance organized. As a result, we highly recommend this solution.

And here’s a deal for Do More Good and Nonprofit Hub audiences: When you sign up, the first two months of subscription fees will be waived. Just mention to the Engagement Communities Representative that you heard about Engagement Communities through Do More Good | Nonprofit Hub.

What tools have you found to do more good? Share your best finds here! We’ll give you a shout-out if they’re selected to be featured.

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