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Lean was made for Nonprofits
March 23, 2021
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March 30, 2021
Lean was made for Nonprofits
March 23, 2021
Google Grant Management: 5 Crucial Tips for Success
March 30, 2021

How to Build a Stronger Team: On Zoom or In-person

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Our teams have been tested in this last year. The move to working remotely was less of a transition and more of an overhaul of everything we were used to. Teams were forced to work online, trying to brainstorm, collaborate and connect at a distance ― and it was rough. Here is how to build a stronger team either on Zoom or in-person.

As the world settles down and rebuilds, many workplaces are considering how to move forward. Many have adopted remote work as their new normal despite its complications, while others are trying to move back to in-person workspaces but have lost some essential team collaboration skills.

Let’s hash this out. Choosing how your team rebuilds in the wake of the pandemic is a big decision, so let’s make it wisely.

Team collaboration: the core of the workplace

According to Codegiant, 86% of people surveyed said failures in the workplace were due to poor team collaboration. Communication is key, especially in a workplace. Creating a productive workplace means making every member of the team feel valued and needed for their specific role.  When a work environment is created to support each of its members, it leads to overall efficiency and increased collaboration. 

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Engage your team

Regardless of how you meet, collaboration is incredibly important to build a stronger team. Here are some quick tips to help increase collaboration in the workplace.

1. Establish a clear mission.

Give your team members a cause to rally behind. Make them believe in their company and their team. This can be done by creating a mission statement for your organization and establishing core values ― and sticking to them.

2. Clearly state expectations and create daily, attainable goals

If your team doesn’t know exactly what you want them to do, you can’t expect them to do it. Rather than waiting for members to “take initiative,” spell out exactly what you want from your team through attainable goals.

3. Create team roles

A workplace functions like a well-oiled machine when everyone has a clear role and objective. Even if each member can wear many hats, letting each of them have a specific role will increase productivity and make them feel valued and essential to the team.

4. Recognize good work

Keeping your team motivated will go a long way in your workplace productivity. When a team member does good work, recognize them for it and encourage them to keep it up. If someone is lacking, take the time to work with them and get them on the right track.

5. Keep it human.

At the end of the day, the best way to create a strong team is to remember we’re all human. We all mess up. While productivity is important, it’s essential to allow for some leeway. Organize social events with your team, start off meetings with a fun question ― just get to know your people.

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