May 28, 2023
Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Nonprofits Act
Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Nonprofits Act
January 17, 2021
Being a Successful Fundraiser in 2021
January 22, 2021

Today’s Talk with Brady Josephson

This week, we sat down with Brady Josephson, the managing director of the NextAfter Institute. NextAfter provides fundraising research and training to help nonprofits grow. They are passionate about figuring out what really works in fundraising.

Brady gave us some great information about multi-channel marketing, based on their research. For instance, how we communicate with donors has a direct impact on donor retention. You can hear more from Brady on his podcast, The Generosity FreakshowIn the meantime, check out his webinar on multi-channel donor communications

Watch the full interview here to get more great fundraising tips!

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