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Today’s Talk with Susanne Blue
December 15, 2020
Nonprofit PPP EIDL Loans - Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020
Nonprofit PPP EIDL Loans – Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020
December 20, 2020
Today’s Talk with Susanne Blue
December 15, 2020
Nonprofit PPP EIDL Loans - Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020
Nonprofit PPP EIDL Loans – Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020
December 20, 2020

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Instagram’s Hidden Likes

Instagram has stopped showing likes. Some might already know about this. Let’s take a little sneak peek into the background of the story. Back in November of 2019, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the number of likes on the Instagram application is going to be private. It might have taken some famous Instagrammers by shock. This news isn’t new with Instagram upgrading every month; it’s a given that new features are always popping up. Here’s how small businesses can leverage Instagram’s hidden likes. 

The reason mentioned for removing like visibility was quite simple. According to Mosseri, he wanted the thought of social media pressure through the number of likes received to disappear.

It doesn’t mean the public cannot like posts anymore. It means only the user of the account can see the number of likes on the post. To people scrolling through their feed, there is no number of likes portrayed on posts. Posts are going to show likes in words such as hundred/thousand/million more likes, and there will be no number specified.

The company first tested the update in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, and Italy. The company is still testing the feature in various other countries. Disabling post like visibility on Instagram can result in increased users. The testing phase is a long process. They’re going to enable the new feature a step at a time. 

Understandably, the pandemic crisis is taking a toll on small businesses and hitting ROI hard. Here is a guide to a set of ways a small business can overcome the COVID-19 Crisis. But this is not the time to give up on an opportunity like this.

So why is this Feature Going to Help Small Businesses?

Let’s explain it step-by-step…

Content Quality will be delivering Small Businesses:

Eliminating likes will help small businesses. We can see big brands paying influencers to promote their product. Small businesses have a confined marketing budget, holding them back from doing so. After they eliminate likes, consumers’ dependency on influencers can gradually decrease. 

People would not rely on the credibility of an influencer but lookout for authentic content. Big brands might have dominated the market. But now, big or small, both start from scratch, with authenticity as the only strategy. 

The diminishing responses from influencers force brands to create their content and stand by it. This leaves small businesses with a fair chance, perceived only by the content created. Condolences to all the like generating robots that will be unemployed from this. 

It might be hard to digest, but a lot of low-quality content online goes viral because of fake likes and shares. After they implement the feature, users are going to like and follow pages that are authentic, high-quality, and relatable. Followers would not like and share based on the number of likes. This is the time you will actually have the opportunity to build trust among your audience on social media.

Greater ROI Generation:

The number of likes would not measure a business’s performance. There will be a shift from double-taps to CTAs [Call to action] and links. Liking a post will lead to checking the website. It’s a behavioral instinct of an Instagrammer to like a post and scroll past it. Now with no like measurements, the user is going to click on the link. Likes will soon turn to lead generation.

You probably know email marketing stands first when it comes to ROI, and you have already utilized the second option; writing content according to SEO to rank on Google, third comes social media, and it should be your time to shine.

Data Privacy and Measurement:

Likes will only lose visibility for the public. Users can still see the number of likes and evaluate effectiveness and popularity. The prime focus only on likes drives businesses away from looking at the holistic view. Instagram still allows users to measure impressions, click-through, and more, making it a better measurement protocol. Users can interact with organic posts, share, and comment, acquiring more healthy data. 

Popular Influencers will turn to Quality Influencers:

Influencers believe the new feature will be better for them. Removing likes will ensure cash is not king. Businesses will bring to the forefront the value of relevant influencers. They will not choose influencers over popularity, but the relevancy of the product or service, with the influencer. For instance, a yoga mat seller will use a yogi influencer with authentic followers over popular irrelevant influencers. This influencer gives the brand a quality response.

Instagram influencers will be promoting products and services entirely based on relevance, making it a quality promotion. The decreased influencer credibility will lead influencers to promote products and services that are the most suitable for them. 

It can work on the positive side of the influencer. Brands will sponsor influencers that the influencer and the followers care about. Small businesses can align themselves with relevant influencers and acquire better responses. 

Wrapping Up

When Instagram announced they were removing like visibility, famous users across the globe combusted. For the average user, the change will be minuscule. For business accounts and famous influencers, it’s a different world. Instagram removing likes has its perks for small businesses. 

With this feature, Instagram would not just be a better place for young people but also businesses. These points can help small businesses step onto the platform of Instagram and build strong brand recognition. It is easier for brands to market on Instagram marketing when the competition is fair.

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