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Influencer Interview: Lisa Chimola

This week, our very own Randy Hawthorne got to sit down with Lisa Chimola, a fablanthropy expert, who specializes in working with nonprofits to hone their gift planning skills.

Lisa is the chief fablanthropist for Fablanthropy, helping nonprofits reach the intersection of fabulous and philanthropy. As she talked with Randy, she discussed a few reservations donors might have to set up planned giving. 

She said donors tend to be hesitant when talking about planned giving because no one really wants to think about where their money will go when they’re gone. We know we won’t be able to personally speak for what we leave behind. So, if you can help your donors accomplish a meaningful goal and help them curate a plan for when they’re gone, you can establish a level of comfort when it comes to these tough conversations.

This is a process, and it’s not easy. That’s why Lisa stressed that building these donor relationships is so important. It can take years, so you need patience. But if you show dedication to your donors, you can help them achieve their life’s goals in a way they feel confident about their legacy.

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