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5 Challenges Nonprofits Face

5 Challenges Nonprofits Face in 2021 is Maxie Carpenter’s take on some serious issues executives face next year. Here’s what Maxie has to share:

As society evolves and changes over time, new problems and crises also arise. Fortunately, these new issues can also give rise to innovation, new solutions and some truly necessary new nonprofit organizations. COVID-19 has given rise to the most opportunistic era for Nonprofits we’ve ever seen. The following are the most significant challenges that will need to be met.

5 Challenges Nonprofits Face in 2021

1. Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues continue to come to the forefront in the workplace and in our communities. Nonprofit organizations are being called upon to respond to this need with little or no financial support because this service is limited in many communities. A lack of funding in the for-profit sector for mental health counseling will lead those in need to seek help from their local nonprofits.

2. Political And Social Unrest

2021 will be marked by political rancor, social unrest and the absence of any meaningful legislative accomplishments. Where we used to find bipartisan leadership to advance economic development interests, we will find little inspiration. The Nnprofit sector will need to step up, tune out the noise, rethink funding priorities and consider broader partnerships to advance the common good.

3. NANO Needs
With more access via the internet and social media, nano needs will have a larger space in the world of nonprofits. Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter are examples of nano-funding. As unique community, organizational and trending needs become apparent, I believe we will see larger opportunities for nano-giving. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.

4. Media-Driven Issues

In an election year, experience has shown that many of our biggest supporters, committed to improving the state of our country and the world, will amp up their giving to nonprofits addressing issues that are widely reported in the media. We make an effort to contact our donors well before the “giving season” to avoid surprises and to ensure they know we understand why they make these choices.

5. Talent Retention And Growth Opportunities

As many nonprofits struggle to attract and retain talented employees, it is vital to self-reflect and look at your growth opportunities. I believe some nonprofit leaders are afraid to invest in talent development initiatives in case employees leave. Some may leave, but look at the bigger picture. Create an environment promoting learning, growth and development, and you create an attractive future.

For those Nonprofit leaders with a low resistance to change and a high level of enthusiasm and willingness to work with a lot of white space, the ceiling is very high.

5 Challenges Nonprofits Face in 2021 was first posted at INSIDE CHARITY

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