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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing During a Crisis
July 25, 2020
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July 31, 2020

Boys & Girls Club Raise $4 Million Dollars – No Feasibility Study

See the 2 minute video above to experience this Southeast Georgia Miracle!

BROOKS COUNTY, GA – Crews in Brooks County having finished a new public Boys & Girls Club Community Center in Quitman, GA. On Friday, Mystic Pools completed construction on a new pool for the Boys and Girls Club of Brooks County. It’s the final part of a $4 million expansion project, landing the Boys and Girls Club on a new location. The development began a few years back with one new building, with phase two, which includes an elementary building and new gym, now finished. Boys and Girls Club staff said the new campus is centrally located, making it easier to reach students in the community. The expansion also allows the organization to offer more space and programs.

With the addition of a new pool, staff are hoping to reach more than just local kids. It will be the only public pool in Brooks County, serving as a resource for everyone, from students to seniors, to learn how to swim. Organization officials said learning how to swim is an important skill that can often be taken for granted. Without a pool in the county, this project is filling a big need in the community.

“There’s a large percentage of adults and children who don’t know how to swim, and we’ve had some drowning deaths in recent years,” said Area Director Janie Jones. “So we feel like this is a real contribution and a real plus for Brooks County itself, to have a place where that can happen.” Organizers said the majority of the funding for the new campus came from community donations. The Boys and Girls Club have the completed the facility and already have children experiencing a brand new life.

Furthermore, we launched and completed this campaign WITHOUT using outdated and invasive feasibility studies. We believed it would be inappropriate to invite new prospects to meet with us privately to share personal information that would in turn make them uncomfortable. That’s why we used Major Gifts Ramp-Up

Cathy Parker, Director of Development shares, “It’s just so gratifying. This has been the result of planning and wishing and three years of Major Gifts Ramp-Up fundraising supported by generous donors who’s $4 Million Dollars made this dream come true. The majority of big givers were brand new to Boys & Girls. Furthermore, we launched and completed this campaign WITHOUT using outdated and invasive feasibility studies. We believed it would be inappropriate to invite potential donors to meet with us privately to share personal information that could make them uncomfortable. The Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model ensured we reached and exceeded goal with grace and propriety by building unity and community pride.  

The purpose of the Brooks County Recreation Department is to promote the social, educational, health, leadership, and character development of boys and girls during critical periods of their growth. The Brooks County Recreation Department is operated by the Boys & Girls Club of Valdosta. We offer youth soccer, baseball, and softball.

We never take a single approach to help kids succeed. It takes caring mentors, such as our trained Club staff. It takes a safe place, like our Clubs that are consistently there for the kids they serve. It takes innovative, quality programs designed to empower youth to excel in school and lead healthy, productive lives. We do whatever it takes to ensure all kids have a great future.

Career Launch – Age 13-18

CareerLaunch prepares teens for the world of careers and work. Through CareerLaunch, Club teens 13-18 years old embark on a journey to explore possible vocations, make sound educational decisions and find success in the world of work.diplomas2Degrees (d2D), a college readiness program, provides a range of services to guide Club members as they work toward high school graduation and prepare for post-secondary education and career success.  RBI provides training to Clubs wishing to start or expand boys baseball and girls fast-pitch softball leagues for ages 13 to 15 and 16 to 18. RBI teams representing Club leagues are eligible to participate in sports clinics.

Keystone Clubs – Age 14-18

Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s ultimate teen program for youth ages 14 to 18. This unique program provides leadership development opportunities for youth to participate in activities, both in and out of the Club, in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to positively impact teens, their Club and local communities. Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college. UPS Road Code is a free national program educates teens on safe driving techniques based in part on the training UPS uses for its own drivers, who are among the safe drivers worldwide.

All Ages – Computer Science Pathway

The Computer Science Pathway, a key component of Boys & Girls Clubs’ Education & STEM programming, invites youth and teens on a journey from their first encounter with code to creative computing.

Imagine a place where who you are, where you’re from or the circumstances that surround you don’t determine your access to experiences or opportunities. Through your support, Boys & Girls Clubs are making that vision a reality — in your community and communities around the world.

97% of Club teens expect to graduate from high school and 88% expect to complete some kind of post-secondary education.
According to BGCA youth outcome data

Boys & Girls Clubs Our Mission, Vision & Commitment

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Provide a world-class Club Experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who enters our doors, with all members on track to graduate from high school with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle. We believe every kid has what it takes. The mission and core beliefs of Boys & Girls Clubs fuel our commitment to promoting safe, positive and inclusive environments for all. Boys & Girls Clubs of America supports all youth and teens – of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, and religion – in reaching their full potential.

Our Great Past

Boys & Girls Clubs of America had its beginnings in 1860 with three women in Hartford, Connecticut – Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley. Believing that boys who roamed the streets should have a positive alternative, they organized the first Club. With character development as the cornerstone of the experience, the Club focused on capturing boys interests, improving their behavior and increasing their personal expectations and goals. A cause was born.

In 1906, several Boys Clubs decided to affiliate. The Federated Boys Clubs in Boston was formed with 53 member organizations – this marked the start of a nationwide Movement and our national organization.

In 1931, the Boys Club Federation of America became Boys Clubs of America.

In 1956, Boys Clubs of America celebrated its 50th anniversary and received a U.S. Congressional Charter.

To recognize the fact that girls are a part of our cause, the national organization’s name was changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 1990. Accordingly, Congress amended and renewed our charter.

2006 marked the Centennial year of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as we celebrated 100 years of providing hope and opportunity to young people across the country.

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