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Jimmy LaRose Says, “Generosity Is Universal!”


Jimmy LaRose says, “The world is our marketplace and our product is love & generosity! Philanthropy is defined by Webster as, ‘The Love of Man’ and is universally received anytime and anywhere it’s offered.” LaRose has spent thirty years traveling five continents fostering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in emerging democracies. He’s served as a specialist with the U.S. State Department’s Speakers Bureau working with embassies, foreign governments, and leaders to promote philanthropy and civil society in developing countries. LaRose shares, “Never in the course of human history has a society produced enterprise whose sole and only purpose is to benefit the public good. We call this movement Civil Society…it is comprised of the volunteers who serve, the donors who give, and the individuals and families who receive..they are all my personal heroes.”

lkhsan lkhsanudin, one of LaRose’s overseas moderators shared, “The sessions hosted by the U.S. Embassy and Jimmy LaRose on the role of civil society, corporations, and the citizen are amongst the most meaningful presentations I’ve ever experienced. They reflect the perennial part of every religion in the world…the need and the power of giving. These unifying principles transcend our cultural differences and allow us to serve humanity together. ” – lkhsan lkhsanudin, Activist Muhammadiyah, Universitas Tanjungpura – Pontianak

To see an expanded list of Jimmy LaRose’s Global Speaking Engagements please VISIT HERE:

Jimmy LaRose Says Generosity is UniversalUpon completion of an eighteen engagement speaking tour in Indonesia, a U.S. Jakarta Consulate staffer shared,  “As a young democracy, Indonesia has made incredible progress over the past ten years and is now home to a multitude of  non-governmental organizations  and associations with the goal of improving democracy. Though civil society has been a major force in advocating reforms, many still lack the tools to constructively engage  government  to both shape and implement policy. The U.S. government has an intrinsic interest in seeing the work and support of NGOs expand in Indonesia by engaging foundations and corporations in support  of their efforts. Jimmy LaRose’s two week speaking tour played a key role in encouraging this expansion and in turn has moved forward the U.S. State Department’s goal to support Indonesia’s reform agenda. The outcomes have resulted in a stronger global partner in combating terrorism and a further constructive dialogue between Indonesians and Americans.”

Jimmy LaRose Says,

Jimmy LaRose, with University Students in Jakarta, sharing the important role Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays in Civil Society.

During his Indonesia trip (which included stops in Jakarta, Pontianak, Medan and Bedan) Jimmy met with political party officials, government officials, university staff, corporate CEOs, foundation executives and major donors. During a press conference in Pontianak he stated, “Democracy in its infancy is a miracle. The spirit of the Indonesian people as they process the opportunities their nation faces during this transition is awe inspiring. It is a privilege to celebrate their journey and to stand with them as they change their world.” – Jimmy LaRose, Pontianak Kalimantan

Jimmy LaRose Says Indonesia

The State Department’s U.S. Speaker and Specialist Program foster’s communication between individual U.S. citizens who represent a broad range of responsible and informed opinion to key foreign audiences. Speakers are selected on the basis of their credentials, their ability to communicate, and the relevance of their contributions to State Department mission performance objectives. Speakers are not limited to the expression of U.S. government policies.”

To learn more about Jimmy LaRose read Kathleen Robinson’s articled titled “Jimmy LaRose says, “Money Is Oxygen”

Jimmy LaRose Says, “Generosity Is Universal!” was written by Bishop Redfern II the presiding Bishop of the Ecumenical Church of Christ. He has been named by the Association of Fundraising Professionals as its Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year and United Way’s Alyce Kemp-Dewitt Award Winner. Redfern II has successfully managed political campaigns from the local magistrate office to statewide and congressional offices. He was a Democrat precinct organizer, recognized for raising the most membership in the Republican Silver Elephant Club and a founding officer in SC United Citizens Party. He has served in operational capacities in several Presidential campaigns. He was a Reagan presidential appointee to the transitional team assigned to the U.S. Department of Transportation. He is a former Board member and active volunteer of the United Way with a 30-year service history. Redfern has held several executive volunteer United Way campaign positions. He holds the record for the most United Way donor presentations (345) in a year. He is a member of the United Way’s Palmetto Society. He led the negotiating team to merge the United way with the United Black Fund. He was the United Way of the Midlands’ Volunteer of the Year. Under the leadership of Bishop Redfern II Ecumenical Churches have been planted in 9 states in India, the 12 countries of East Africa, 6 countries of central Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Bishop Redfern pioneered the idea of using one church building to plant several churches and to train pastors in real time for ministry. The Ecumenical Church has sent and supports missionaries to several Asian and African countries. Some of which are places where Christians are severely persecuted.

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