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Cynthia Kersey – Unstoppable Foundation Says, “Believe”

Cynthia Kersey says it’s that time of year again when many children are preparing for a new school year, armed with the essentials — notepads, pencils and backpacks. And in the Unstoppable community of Chepkebit, the children are heading to school as well, but with essentials of a whole other level — clean water, healthy food, healthcare and bright new classrooms. We checked in on the students on our recent Founder & Friends trip.

Excited chatter and giggles fill the air as students head to their brand-new classrooms in Chepkebit. The two bright classrooms are fully equipped with desks, chalkboards and supplies, in stark contrast to the students’ former school environment, which consisted of several small, deteriorating structures with mud floors, a few splintered wooden benches for seating and very little light. The students pile in, wide-eyed, grinning and ready to learn, with the promise of even more great things to come.

An ambitious plan is in place to add up to nine new classrooms in the next two years, as well as other essential school infrastructure. The empty field at Chepkebit Primary School will gradually be filled with sturdy buildings that protect students from the elements and provide a healthy space for learning. We completed the first two new classrooms earlier this year, and when we previously visited Chepkebit in March, community members were digging a trench to lay the foundation for the third classroom.

Just a few short months later, a third structure with solid brick walls and a green roof had been erected. The new classroom awaited only the finishing touches – glass in the windows, a door in the frame and a coat of paint. Alongside it, a newly-dug trench displayed the beginnings of a fourth new classroom. With the help of some of our strongest (and fittest!) Unstoppable Foundation supporters, we mixed the mortar alongside members of the community and laid the brick walls of this fourth classroom.

By the end of the year, all four new classrooms will be fully functional and a new school kitchen will be complete because of MAJOR GIFTS FROM GENEROUS DONORS. The saplings recently planted by eighth-graders as part of their training on agroforestry will have taken root, and the 60 new trees will be sheltering students on breaks and when classes are held outside.

Recognizing that no problem and no solution stand alone, our model for sustainable education incorporates everything crucial to educating children and lifting communities out of poverty. The Sponsor A Village 5-Pillar Development Model tackles the five primary causes of poverty through a holistic, effective and cooperative program that removes the obstacles to educating children while providing vital support to facilitate and sustain community development.

Cynthia Kersey Says, “Read the latest updates on the Unstoppable Communities of Laila, Kipasan and Olmusereji.”

For donors…if you care about the Nations the Unstoppable Foundation will provide you the highest return on your philanthropic investments.

Cynthia Kersey is President of Unstoppable Enterprises, Inc. and the Chief Humanitarian Officer of the Unstoppable Foundation whose mission is to ensure that every child on the planet receives access to the life-long gift of education. A leader in the transformational industry, Cynthia has penned two bestselling books, “Unstoppable” and “Unstoppable Women”, a collection of powerful stories and strategies from people who through perseverance and consistent action turned obstacles into personal triumph. These books have motivated countless readers with over 500,000 copies sold worldwide in 17 languages. Cynthia is an inspiring speaker, entrepreneur, national columnist and contributing editor to Success Magazine, and was a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show when Oprah launched the Angel Network. Cynthia is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council —an organization made up of internationally known thought leaders and educators including founder Jack Canfield, creator of te mega best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. As an organization, they impact millions of people worldwide and through a rigid vetting process awarded the Unstoppable Foundation as their designated humanitarian organization to support in 2012. Cynthia’s passion is showing how each of us can solve the world’s most seemingly impossible challenges through simple individual actions.

Cynthia Kersey -The Unstoppable Foundation Say, “Believe” was written by Jimmy LaRose. Jimmy’s passion for “people who give” has inspired philanthropists around the world to change the way they invest in nonprofits. His belief that donors are uniquely positioned to give charities what they truly need – leadership rather than money – is the basis for his work with individuals, governments, corporations and foundations, in the U.S., Europe, Asia & Middle East. Jimmy, in his role as author, speaker, corporate CEO & nonprofit CEO champions all of civil society’s vital causes by facilitating acts of benevolence that bring healing to humanity and advance our common good. He and his beautiful wife Kristi are citizens of the Palmetto State where they make their home in Lexington, South Carolina.

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