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Getting People to Trust in Your New Nonprofit
July 30, 2019
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August 14, 2019

Roll With Your Role: Feeling Valued in the Workplace

A major challenge most working adults face every day is getting themselves up and going for work. The perpetual dailiness of life can get tiring if you aren’t motivated by a passion. You get up, get ready, look yourself in the mirror and something doesn’t feel right. Something’s gotta change.

“Why should I wake up early to go to a job that could get done with or without me?”

And that’s the key. Why would we want to be at a job where our impact is negligible? The remedy is simple: having a role ― feeling like you’re needed, valued and important.

Individual importance

One of the biggest reasons why roles are important in the workplace has to do with the individual worker. Instead of feeling like you’re just another cog in the machine, work should be a place that you enjoy being a part of. You don’t have to absolutely love your job to not feel awful after working all day. 

Having a certain role in the workplace will help to create a more personalized work experience where your strengths are recognized and used ― making it feel like you’re actually contributing something, and doing it well. It makes you feel just a bit more human.

If you don’t have a certain specialization or role in your workplace, start thinking about certain tasks you do that make you feel good. Hours seem to glide by when you do them. There aren’t many other people in the office who can do them as well as you can. These are part of your role. So use them to your advantage!

Decreases confusion, increase efficiency

Roles are also essential to decreasing confusion in the workplace, and in turn, increasing efficiency. Say you need a certain task done in your office, but there are five different people who might possibly be able to help you out. You’re not sure who would be best suited to help out. Instead of asking each if they can help you or just giving up and trying to do it yourself, it would be so much easier if you knew it was part of someone’s job. 

If each employee in an organization is wearing tons of different hats, it can be frustrating to know who to go to for what. But if you know exactly who has the know-how and the time to dedicate to this issue, you can streamline the whole process. It not only makes the process faster, but also better because you know it’s what that person does best.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Coworking and workplace roles go hand-in-hand. If each person is doing a certain part of the whole, everyone has an impact on the process. That means it requires people to get out of their bubbles and talk to each other, resulting in a more connected and happy office space. Having that extra bit of connection in your workplace can go a long way to make you more motivated to do your job every day ― especially when you know no one can do it as well as you can.

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