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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Negotiate for More Funding
April 19, 2019
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April 24, 2019

7 Twitter Accounts Nonprofits Need to Follow

The world wide web, specifically the Twittersphere, is overflowing with accounts designed to help you better run your organization. Whether their focus is general or something specific, like technology or donor retention, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best, most helpful Twitter accounts you need to be following.


Classy is your one-stop-shop for all things fundraising and marketing. Though their site started as a means to sell their fundraising software, they’ve since launched a blog, podcasts, e-courses, webinars, interactive worksheets and more, all with the intention of making your fundraising campaigns more creative and effective.


If you’re looking for a more journalistic vibe, Nonprofit Quarterly is your go-to. They take all the latest news in the sector and help you apply it to your own nonprofit. From current events, to data reports, to the latest fundraising trends, NPQ gives you a more factual view of the sector than most resources do (without boring you to death with facts and figures). The coolest part is that all of their content is produced by volunteer writers from around the world.


Crowdrise, a branch of GoFundMe built for nonprofits, is a must-have for your follow list, especially if crowdfunding is your thing. Along with tons of online fundraising tips, infographics and blogs, they also help nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns go viral by sharing them on their page. If you’re looking for cool causes to donate to, or you’re trying to get more funding for your own, give them a follow!


TechSoup offers tech-troubleshooting services for purchase on their website, but their social media is full of free resources like how-tos, blog posts, webinars and more. The nice thing about TechSoup is that it’s all technology-focused, so they’re able to go in depth about specific issues rather than trying to tackle every aspect of nonprofit management.


Unlike the other accounts, Charity Navigator focuses on all the ways YOU can give back, rather than the other way around. They’ve rated over 9,000 nonprofits to match people with causes that suit them best. Referring to themselves as  a “Guide to Intelligent Giving,” Charity Navigator will help you ensure that, as a benefactor, you’re giving back in the best way possible. They also have tons of online resources and tips for donors, so even if you aren’t a regular donor, their site and socials are a great tool for better understanding what’s going on in your donors’ minds.


Bloomerang is predominantly a donor management application for nonprofits, but they also have amazing online resources like e-books, templates and webinars. Follow them for tips on how to find new donors and retain them for the long-haul. If you’re struggling with donor acquisition, retention and engagement, Bloomerang just might be the answer to your prayers.


Here’s a (not so) shameless plug for our own account and educational online resources. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned nonprofit professional, Nonprofit Hub’s webinars, podcasts, magazines, classes, blog posts and more will help you run your organization like it was always intended.

This barely skims the surface of all the amazing Twitter accounts out there. Where do you go for the best tips and tricks? Take it to the comments!

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