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[PODCAST] Growing Good with Graham Pansing Brooks

Last month, Nonprofit Hub introduced its newest Hubcast series, Growing Good, at Cause Camp. In each episode, Nonprofit Hub executive director Randy Hawthorne and his co-host, Kyle Cartwright, chat with young social sector professionals about how they see the nonprofit industry adapting and evolving.

In the second episode of Growing Good, co-hosts Randy Hawthorne and Kyle Cartwright chat with Graham Pansing Brooks, Founder and President of SEAchange, LTD, a consulting firm and certified Benefit Corporation that helps companies focus on doing good in their communities.

Graham is also spearheading the first-ever Do More Good Conference, an event to challenge and inspire businesses to find a higher purpose in their work.

We’ve been focusing heavily on our industry’s future in all of our content channels, and with good reason. We’re on the brink of a massive transition of leadership in our country, inside and outside of the nonprofit sector. We want our readers to be as prepared as possible. We hope this helps.

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