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Reactions from Cause Camp 2019

Cause Camp 2019 is a wrap! If you were able to make it, you know that it was two full days of premium education, inspiration, networking and—yes—happy hours.

Receiving feedback was one of our main goals this year, so we made sure to get a lot of it. We interviewed each Cause Camp presenter and sent an anonymous survey to all attendees, whether they were physically present or joining us online.

Here’s what they had to say.

“Conferences usually suck the life out of me, but this one energizes and inspires.”

There are a number of things that differentiate Cause Camp from other nonprofit conferences. Among those we’re most proud of is that Cause Camp doesn’t feel like work. Yes, the days are long and packed with content, but we provide needed breaks and a variety of sessions to accommodate both the social butterfly and the hermit.


“It set a high bar for content, self-care, technological competency and networking opportunities.”

We try to do a lot of things right at Cause Camp. And we know that you can’t take care of your organization and community if you aren’t taking care of yourself. That’s why we offer self-care sessions like yoga and meditation to complement our top-notch education.


“I have participated remotely and I [love] the speakers!…They give me the jolt of inspiration I need to keep fighting the good fight!”

Allowing attendees to stream Cause Camp is just one way we’re making the event accessible to all. And even if you’re watching from a monitor, you’ll feel the Cause Camp magic from a thousand miles away.


“You need to get yourself here for Cause Camp.”

-Kishshana Palmer, Cause Camp Presenter

Our live stream is awesome, but the best parts of Cause Camp are reserved for those who make the trip to Lincoln, Nebraska. The networking, the energy, the parties. Just take Kishshana’s word for it: you’ve gotta get yourself here.


“The crowd is ready to go, they’re ready to make a difference. I think we’re all on the same journey together.”

-Branden Harvey, Cause Camp Presenter

Almost all of Cause Camp’s content is presented in one room with everyone. We love the one-track conference format, both because it doesn’t make you prioritize content, and, like Branden notes, it makes the event feel like a journey that attendees go on together.

Want to know what the buzz is about? You can purchase every Cause Camp 2019 presentation for just $49, for a limited time. Now that’s a deal.

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