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May 1, 2018
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4 Easy Ways to Become a Better Volunteer
May 1, 2018
Nonprofit Budgeting NANOE Ultimate Nonprofit Budget Alan Wiener
Ultimate Nonprofit Budgeting Checklist – Alan Weiner
May 4, 2018

Where to Find Grants for your Nonprofit Organization

Finding grants for your nonprofit organization is a lot like shopping for a pair of jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes, require some self-reflection and can be an incredibly time-consuming process. And maybe it’s not your favorite thing to do.

Plenty of resources exist to find that perfect grant for your organization that has the style, flexibility and price tag you need – or maybe that’s the jeans. But here are a few resources to get you on your way to finding the necessary funding for your organization. It may require some sifting and searching on your part, but this will surely save you from those pesky grant-writing blues.

Square one on your mission to finding grants for your nonprofit starts here.


Not only is Grants.gov a place to find grants, but it’s also a place to educate yourself on how grants work and what they’re all about.

If you find a federal grant that interests your organization, you’ll need to go through the following stages:

  1. Pre-Award Phase
    This is the phase where you’ll seek out new grants that are applicable to your organization and work toward submitting an application that matches the given criteria.
  2. Award Phase
    The award phase occurs when federal agency staff members make decisions to grant your organization the funds to continue with a project.
  3. Post Award
    While this seems like it should be the easiest phase of the grant process, it’s actually one of the most labor-intensive. The post-award phase involves implementing the grant that your organization has been awarded and actually documenting the progress of what your organization said they’d do. In order to succeed at the process, you’ll need to submit a report detailing both the financials and the program progress.

Make sure to fully utilize the educational aspects of Grants.gov. Search the site and sort by the newest or most relevant grants by sorting them into various categories.

Local foundations

The best place to start is a foundation that understands the work you’re doing. Search online for foundations in your area or try to meet funders through networking events in your community. If the marketing and storytelling you’ve been implementing in your community has been doing its job, foundations should already have some sort of understanding of how your organization operates. That helps give you a leg up in the funding world.

While this option seems to be the vaguest, it could have the most promise for your organization. People love to give locally because it helps stimulate their own economy and helps give back. So get out there, open your eyes and consider the possibilities happening in your own backyard.


This site could be suitable for your organization if it fits into one of the following (ample!) categories: universities, hospitals, government agencies, schools, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, research institutions and some small businesses and individuals.

That’s a ton of opportunity for your organization. Plus, this site adds new grants and archives old grants daily, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your time. Keep in mind, this is a paid option, and there are other paid options out there to consider. Start slow and determine if the return could be worth it for your organization.

Now you have the browsing power to at least begin your search into the grant world. Check them all out, see which resources work best for your organization and apply to the grants that matter.

Originally published 5.24.17—Updated 5.3.18

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  1. Carol Lutgen says:

    Can you help? Our foundation is barely surviving. Need to find grants. I am the volunteer President. We are a grass roots foundation that is supported by friends and family. I cannot keep asking them. I have no foundation experience other than forming the foundation.
    Best regards,
    Carol Lutgen

    • Davidlurd says:

      Hello Carol Lutgen

      I hope you’re doing good today?
      Hope this messages didn’t comes too late but incase you still need help on grant on this or other projects or incase you haven’t won any grants before am here to help you out.

      Your commitment to your grassroots foundation is admirable. I’m here to help you navigate the grant landscape. Let’s work together to identify potential funding opportunities. Can you provide more details about your foundation’s goals and any key achievements so far?

  2. Peter Duffy says:

    We are looking to fund a repair to our high school auditorium lighting system. The estimate is for about $15,000.00.

    • Davidlurd says:

      Hello Peter Duffy
      I hope this isn’t coming so late, but incase you still need help on this here is what we can help you with:

      Thank you for sharing the details about your high school auditorium lighting system repair project. It’s crucial to maintain such essential facilities. To start the grant search process, I’ll need more information. Could you please provide additional details about the project, such as the specific issues with the current lighting system and any unique features or benefits it brings to the community?
      Once we have a comprehensive understanding, we can identify potential grants that align with your needs.

      And incase you need help regarding grant process to winning of the grants you can reach out to me by Email address which is ([email protected])

  3. Asarf Daka says:

    Ours is a non profit community based organisation called: Changing Peoples Attitudes ( CHAPA) Formed in 2014 and registered in 2015.We are involved in: Education; Human rights; Gender Based Violence; Climate change; Research Advocacy; Good Governance; HIV and AIDS.
    Formed to address the issues affecting; Women; Children; Youths who have remained vulnerable for so long.Ours is ensuring; protecting and advancing their rights in all the sectors for them to come up with their developmental needs in fighting the topics listed above and remain sustainable.
    In addressing these; our mission statement is: To promote empowerment of the rural communities through non-formal and formal education in order to seal the information gap that exists between the duty bearers and the rights holders’ that would in turn affect all efforts of developments.
    Our target is to reach 6;175 people in the Ward we are operating.It is for this reason we are working around to find support from our partners both materially and financially.

  4. Foundation for Humanitarians South Sudan says:

    We are NGOs in South Sudan and looking for grants.

  5. Connie Whitehead says:

    A volunteer tying to locate funds to get a high school marching band (Park Vista Community High School Marching Band) to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – as Macy’s has invited them due to their award winning Marching Band here in the State of Florida for three consecutive years. This 240 member marching band has had their parents weekly running students to and from various marching band competitions. I have offered to assist with raising monies as some of the band members are cousins of mine. Should you have interest or we fall into your guidelines, please contact me as I have placed a full page information ad in Tampa Bay Magazine, I have produced forms to help raise awareness along with a 2 part NCR contract form, envelopes to mail out and enclosed a return envelope for a donor’s reply.
    Thank you for all you do to help with your scholarships. Should you ever have any “unperfect” baby diapers, or baby items I also am a volunteer with teen-age mothers.

  6. Aisha Anderson says:

    Who can I Talk to about receiving grants for an Organization

  7. robin anders says:

    hi im robin im in a very bad financial hard ship my late mother passed away a year ago from multiple cancers and unknown to me she had gotten behind on her and my dads mortgage im disabled and im on permanent ssc disability I have for a year tried to get the grants loans to save my late parents home from repo and now the mortgage company is going to repo my late parents home very soon within the next three weeks I cant afford to pay the mortgage payments I have worn myself out emoyionally physically and mentally im severely distraught and in need for a foundation of some kind to help me asap please is there anyone who can please help me to save my late parents home thank you robin anders.

  8. My name is: Raul Scull . President of : Atypical Scull group . I am Bassoonist and creator of our musical institution that has a peculiar characteristic of sonority, it is as follow : flute. clarinet, bassoon. guitar or piano and one vocalist. We play classic end pop music. We area non-profit institution and we want to bring our musical message to community places like : Schools, nursing homes, Churches, Libraries, Theaters. etc

  9. I would like to say, am interested to access grant as our operation focuses on; education, youths development, community development, agriculture and mentor ship

  10. Hello,
    We are a non-profit Lithuanian community in need of the grant to support our Lithuanian Sunday school and Lithuanian community, to help our kids not to forget our language. Lithuania is a very small country in eastern Europe, our language is one of the oldest languages in the world. Can you please let me know what steps we need to do to apply for the grant for our minority group.

  11. CHACHA Mutisya says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Kindly inform me on the procedure to apply for a grant for my NGO.
    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    Chacha Mutisya

  12. I am needing help with funds for my church house of refuge for a support am a member of this church and my e-mail is [email protected] you can leave me a number so I can apply for a grant tohelp my church with exspenses for support of that church all so . thank you sis joye shaw

  13. Abel NGOLO says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am Reverend Abel NGOLO, I am the Secretary-General and Legal
    Representative of the Christian Organization named “L’Equipe Pastorale
    auprès des Enfants en Détresse, EPED in French acronym, standing for –
    The Pastoral Team for Children in Need-”.

    EPED has been operational for 19 years, and its mission is to
    contribute to Children’s protection, well-being and safety so as to
    prevent ill-treatment and abuse within families and the community. In
    this regard, EPED undertakes the following actions: The sensitization
    and mobilization of the Community to prevent ill-treatment, and
    children’s reinsertion into families and the community.

    EPED needs your Organization’s assistance thru a strategic partnership
    so as to implement efficiently the actions provided for in its
    Strategic Plan 2019-2022. We would like this partnership to be
    sustainable and based on exchange of views, confidence, respect of
    commitments, transparency and reciprocal undertakings, thru a
    jointly-shared vision.

    I remain at your disposal for any additional information, and hope we
    would consider a sustainable partnership between your Organization and
    Ours, in the conditions favorable to each of both Organizations.

    Looking forward to your response,

    Yours faithfully,

    Reverend Abel NGOLO,

    Secretary-General and Legal Representative,

    Pastoral Team for Children in Need (EPED),

    Administrative Head Office: 36-38 Bafika Street, Mpasa 2 area, N’sele
    Municipality, Kinshasa, DR Congo

  14. Kathy Davis says:

    I am looking for local Grants in Genesee County MI for a non-profit Senior Citizens Activity Center.

  15. Darlene Tate says:

    We are a new nonprofit organization here in the Cobb County area. We are looking for donations or funding within the community to help us start up this project/program. Edjes Homeless Youth Shelter Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides emergency housing for youth/young adults that is in transition ending the stay from a foster care facility, displace from a home, homeless or leaving any detention facility. MISSION
    Edjes Homeless Youth Shelter is providing safe housing and rehousing for youth/young adults who has aged out of foster care or homeless, pinpointing opportunities to successfully achieve responsibility, independence, training and giving access on how living on your own could be an exception by providing appropriate intervention.

    Please advise with any information or funding that can help us with this program/project, Thanking You in advance.

    Thank You,

    Darlene Tate
    Edjes Homeless Youth Shelter Inc.
    Founder/Executive Director
    [email protected]

  16. LAWILL NORWOOD says:


  17. I am new to my position as the Executive Director of the Springerville-Eagar Chamber of Commerce in Springerville, AZ. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(6). We are in dire need to get funding to be able to keep our doors open. I was hired full-time but we only have enough money for me to work part-time….yet I put in MANY hours that I write down as ‘volunteer’ because the position requires a F/T person if not 1 and 1/2 F/T people. I am trying so very hard to help our small communities (Springerville Population is 1,956 and Eagar is 4,881) to survive. Just recently we had one business close because the owners retired and another large business close due to lack of sales. I am looking for funding to allow our chamber to be open 5 or 6 days a week at 8 hours a day so we can help bring businesses to our communities as well as get people to move here. I will take ANY advice anyone could give me with this.

    Thank you, Glynis Goodman

  18. Owen Community Healthcare Center, Inc; is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community organization looking for grant, or donations to help start up our project. We provide Mental health such as, individuals suffering form stress, depression, anxiety, anger. We appreciate any donation, or funding that can assist us with our project.

    Thank you.

    Owen Community Health Care Center, Inc.

    Phone: 301-593-4719
    Email: [email protected]

  19. Bunahp hat says:

    Faith of God storage house brings immediate and eternal hop to the people we serve. We meet physical and spiritual needs in the community, through strategy of helping with food, water and prayer. suffering people, including Cambodia, all nations and ministry.
    2 Corinthians 9: 7
    7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
    1 Corinthians 13:13
    13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

  20. Sarah Dionne says:

    I am looking for local grants in Middleboro Massachusetts for a non profit holistic psychotherapy, grief and spiritual counseling start up. I am have an LICSW and am budding into private practice. My hope is to create a safe and sacred space for people to grow and achieve optimum spiritual, mental and physical health to live fulfilling lives

  21. Sheila says:

    I am searching for a grant that will assist a city with the funds for repaving and rebuilding their streets.

  22. Jeff A Wirtz says:

    Great Lakes Jr Gold Tour. is a 501c3 Non Profit Youth Scholarship bowling Tour. Youths compete earning Scholarships for College. 4 Age divisions, 5 – 20 years age. June will be our 9th season.

  23. gary verneuil says:

    i am looking for government grants to refurbish the water system in my town of kentwood louisiana , and for 100% grant , not a payback loan

  24. Junell says:

    We are starting a non-profit homeless shelter in a rural town in north Texas. Possible needs would be for homeless, pregnant w/o a roof, and youth. We will have limits on how long they can stay, and provide them with possible jobs. We also will have a van if they don’t have transportation to their job.

  25. Reva Triplett says:

    I am secretary for the Scotland County Missouri United Methodist Parish, including three small churches. We have a one hundred year- old home which is used as our parsonage. We need a roof on the parsonage and have little money. This home is used to house our pastor from Thursdays through Sunday. Our joint board meetings are held there. Our business office is set up in one area of the home. Children are invited there for learning ventures. Bible studies are held here as well. This non-profit parish is holding a two-day yard sale and a bake sale yet this month May, 2019, to raise funds to help put the roof on.

  26. Vickie Jones says:

    I’m looking for grants to help fund my nonprofit. I want to start a cooking camp for under privileged kids in a very poverty stricken neighborhood in Dallas Texas where I live. I currently feed the homeless every Saturday funded out of mu personal funds. By applying for grants help me do more in the community.

  27. Mavis Jackson says:

    I work for a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides assistance to victims of Hurricane Harvey. I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and I am seeking a grant to fund social services to those in need of them. I can provide drug & alcohol counseling, anger management and trauma related services. My DBA is The Overcomers Foundation Counseling & Consultation in Houston, Texas.

  28. LINDSAY BRANCH says:

    I am with A SPACE IN HIS ARMS emergency shelter and we are seeking funds to get started with this project.
    We are based out of St. Louis, MO. and want to start this program asap, but are needing the assistance. Again, we are just starting so any donations, grants, funds, and overall just any information to reach out to more would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

    Lindsay Branch
    [email protected]

  29. We are a Minnesota nonprofit established in 1879 with 4 community centers and seven social enterprises. We are in need of a riding lawn mower as we are unable to purchase one. We have exhausted all avenues of research and are hoping someone could give us direction or information of a Foundation to apply for a grant.
    Thank you!

  30. We are nonprofit organization in Nigeria. We are looking for donations or funding to help us carry out our projects. Black African Rehabilitating Foundation(BARF) is a non-profit organization which act as a catalyst to empower Africans especially youth, women, farmers and children in order to reduce unemployment, overcome illiteracy, fight poverty, lessen social injustice and minimize vulnerability to deceases.
    BARF provide skills development programs where youth can learn a skill, discover their potentials and grow and so many more educative programs from children and women.WE are presently working on BARF ORPHANAGE

    Please advise with any information or funding that can help us with our program/project, Thanking You in advance.

    Thank You,

    Salmat Abdulmumin
    Black African Rehabilitating Foundation (BARF).
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  31. Gbahtuo Gonkarnue Comgbaye says:

    My former country of citizenship, Liberia just emerged from 15 years of civil war. UN and other organizations are doing well to put the country back on good footing. In rural parts of the country though, problem still looms. Most of the children with autism face untold hardship. My organization is building a structure which will serve as a place of rescue for this population since in this society, most people view people with autism as materials rather than human. I need any help we can have.

  32. Rae Goodman says:

    1 Little Meal, Inc. is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization seeking funds to provide free meals to children ages one through eighteen throughout the summer. We are also launching a new division for senior citizens. We wish to provide free meals to senior citizens throughout the year. Our goal is to challenge food insecurity and assist those in need. If you wish to donate, share or direct us to a funding source, please feel free to contact us.

    Rae Goodman
    Kelly Kootz
    1 Little Meal, Inc.

  33. We are looking for a grant to further the dance education for students from all walks of life in the Baltimore County area. We have a ballet company that started 4 years ago and we have not turned any dancer away, regardless of ability. We are currently producing 2 full length ballets each year at the Gordon Center for Performing Arts. We would like to further doing this but would need funding assistance. Our goal is to raise the level of dance and confidence in dancers in the Baltimore area.

  34. The non profit I belong to works and raises funds to maintain and preserve our 1908 historic house. It is open to the public and a venue for weddings and other special occasions. We also give back in a number of ways . We were able to build a ramp last year that has been a godsend for many members and guests . We need to modify a downstairs bathroom to be wheelchair accessible and we need to update our sound system upstairs so that guests that cannot walk upstairs will get the audio and visual downstairs
    of a wedding in the upstairs wedding chapel. This would also give us inside security lights. Being a very old building, there are other needed repairs. We have not found funding in our area,(central Wa state} for either Historic buildings or for ADA upgrades.

  35. Kenya Gordon says:

    My name is Kenya and I am with the Be Beautiful with Cancer Organization. The organization focuses on making women with breast cancer feel beautiful. We are a start up organization and we are looking for funding to throw our first event. If you would like to know more about our organization and able to provide any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

    Kenya Gordon
    [email protected]

  36. My wife and I started a women transitional home in 2015. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Boonville Mo We are now looking to expand our program and are seeking grants and other funding. Any information or help would be appreciated.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Looking for info to start a Pitbull Rescue shelter in Oklahoma, any info would be greatly appreciated!

  38. im searching for grant funding for my nonprofit center for educational purposes

  39. Ms. Harvey says:

    We are searching for a Grant for my new nonprofit organization for autism. We are Voices 4 Autism Parent Support Group Nonprofit Organization 501c(3).for events, and other different activities and events to bring understanding and awareness to our community.And also continue support to the family of children and adults with autism.

  40. I am with Domestic Harmony of Hillsdale, MI. I am looking for grants to help maintain our programing and specific assistance for our residential and non-residential clients. Let me know if you have any infromation that can help me in my searching and researching. Thanks, G.

  41. Tonia Anderson says:


    We are a non-profit youth cheerleading team in a small community. Our goal is to help youth build cheerleading skills, as well as life skills that will help them develop into confident leaders and productive young adults. We work to provide our cheerleaders with the resources they need to help them develop a great work ethic in a safe, supportive environment both afterschool and during the summer. We are being bounced from 2 different locations and we do not have stability and this is hard on a lot of the single families and on the kids to really have a place to say is there’s. Is there a way that we as a non-profit can get into a building of our own … a space that the kids can call theirs. What would those steps be and is there any way to get financial funding for something like this. Any advice and any help would be appreciated so much.

    Thank you in advance.

    Tonia Anderson
    LC Youth Sideline and Competition Cheerleading Director and Coach

  42. Malith Kuol says:

    I am looking for grant for nonprofit Charity and Empowerment Foundation National Organisation in South Sudan .

  43. Tim Hauenstein says:

    Our Church is looking to make it accessible for the elderly and disabled as our bathrooms are in the church basement. We have very little money to accomplish this. Putting in a chair lift cost is about $13,000.00. Can you help us find funding or a grant to get this done?

  44. Tshedza, Iven Raphulu says:

    I’m a Chairperson of a Non profit organisation called The New Dawn Music Foundation, We are an organisation situated in the informal settlement of Kliptown, Our organisation consisit of 60 passinate and gifted youth of Kliptown.


    Allow me to introduce you to our organization: ATLANTIC STARS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GROUP.
    The above-mentioned organization was established in 2012 and is situated in Wellington, Cape Town South Africa, where we serve the youth in a dedicated disadvantage community. ASYD is a N.P.O. (Reg. no 137-736) we strive to give our youth a better life.
    Our annual fundraising project is coming up on 16 December 2019 and it is fundraisers like these that enable us to help CANSA.Our Fundrasing project starts with Carshow ,BMX bicycles,Rieldans and many more performances.As you may know we rely heavily on the donation of items from friends and supporters of ours. We looking for a sponsor towards our project.

  46. Lisa Palmer says:

    Good morning, New Foundations is wanting to receive information on how to obtain grants, scholarships, etc. to help fund our after school program. We have recently started an after school program in a rural county in Georgia. We are targeting the projects, housing authority areas right now. Our goals are to help the school age children with tutoring, mentoring, and counseling. Future goals are to assist moms, dads, and young families in obtaining hands on training like home economics, mechanics, etc.. We want these families to become self sufficient and able to obtain jobs and have goals of their own. We also want to assist in helping these children in staying off the streets and teaching them that they can also have goals and dreams without being on the streets and places they do not need to be. We already have about 20 children under the age of 13. We can write grants or what ever we need to do, we just want to know where to start. Thank you for your time.

  47. Kristi Turner says:

    Hey I am the Branch Director of the Chesterfield Family YMCA. We are a nonprofit organization and I am looking to receive some information on how to apply for a grant. We are looking to improve our facility for our community and childcare program.

  48. Hey I am the Secretary of the Sheriff Guards of Nigeria. We are a nonprofit organization and I am looking to receive some information on how to apply for a grant. We are looking to improve our facility for our community and training program.

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