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Why We’re Proud to Be Part of Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud
April 4, 2018
Can We Halt the Steady Decline in Donor Retention?
April 5, 2018

Your Spring Fundraiser Checklist

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Spring fundraising season is upon us and the pressure is on for nonprofits to hit their goals at upcoming galas or events. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your nonprofit is ready:

Set expectations

Leading up to your gala or big fundraising event, give attendees a sense of the flow of the evening, including a call for donations. Emphasize that you hope to raise money on site and tell them about the impact that fundraising will have for your cause. Setting the proper expectations about a donation ask increases the likelihood of your attendees contributing.

Perfect your fundraising page in advance

Prep for your event by customizing a fundraising page unique to the event. For optimal results, add a catchy Text-to-Donate code that will get your supporters’ attention during the event. If you’re planning on printing programs, fliers, place settings, or any other paper collateral for the event, make sure that the text code and phone number are included. Be sure to print extras as takeaways, too!

Mobile, mobile, mobile!

Attendees are much more likely to donate on the spot if they can do so on their phones. Make sure your donation page is optimized for a seamless mobile experience. Test it out beforehand and see how your images show up on your smartphone.

Interrupt your event

This may sound counterintuitive, but bring your event to a screeching halt to promote text-to-donate. If there’s a microphone, grab it and tell your supporters, “Now is the time to show your support. Please everyone get your phones out and text our code to this number.” Emphasize your appeal by highlighting the direct impact of the donations made that night.  

Provide real-time updates

Use a platform that tracks donations towards your fundraising goal in real-time for your your event. Motivate donors to keep giving by introducing a little competition and excitement to the process. Watch as your fundraising thermometer skyrockets towards your goal!

Send thank-yous and tax receipts

Make sure to customize your “thank you” messages for the event with specific takeaways from your event. You should thank donors who’ve contributed large amounts with a personalized handwritten note. You can never thank a donor enough!

Encourage peer-to-peer fundraising

During or after your event, make sure to encourage your supporters to set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page on behalf of your organization. P2P can help you re-engage with supporters, reach new donors and raise more money with less effort. If you plan on handing out gift bags or collateral at any point during the event, make sure to include information on how supporters can create their own fundraising page for your cause.

Now get to it! This is your big opportunity to fundraise before summer. If you need any help, Give Lively is more than happy to support you. Our free Smart Donations platform comes with all the features outlined above and a lot more. Good luck!


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