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Bursting the Nonprofit Bubble – Diana Ruano – UN Refugee Agency

Diana Ruano NANOE

Diana Ruano is a bilingual/bicultural (English/Spanish) international fundraiser with over 20 years of experience in both the private and nonprofit sector. Currently she develops and leads the private fundraising strategy for the United Nation´s Refugee Agency. Previously at Daryl Upsall Consulting International, she successfully led a range of projects, including for UN agencies, major international and small NGOs in new market entry studies, implementation of fundraising strategies, and strategic reviews of current fundraising programs.

NANOE Governors will host Diana, as one of five keynote addresses at their 2019 Board of Governors Convention & Expo in Charleston, SC. Diana will challenge audience members to abandon the failed “best practices” that keeps the Non-Profit Sector a Non-Growth Sector. Her “Bursting the Nonprofit Bubble” address will reveal why nonprofits have mistakenly based their business models on unsustainable altruistic pro-bono activities. She will inspire NANOE Governors to seek the best of everything for their charity ensuring that organizations gain the competitive advantage they need to solve our world’s biggest challenges. Diana, as a global fundraiser has overseen a range of projects including United Nation crisis initiatives, major international NGOs and campaigns in Europe & the U.S. She specializes in new market entry studies, implementation of scale strategies, and strategic reviews of global fundraising programs.

To meet Diana Ruano and Save-The-Date for NANOE’s 2019 Board of Governors Convention & Expo please VISIT HERE.

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