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March 9, 2024
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March 10, 2024

Chris Burgin Raises Millions For Orphans Around The World

Chris Burgin Raises Millions For Orphans Around The World tells the story of a small business owner who started a nonprofit in his garage with $30,000 of his own personal savings. Ten years later, Chris and his team at Allies in Youth Development have built 123 orphanages, in 17 countries, using 650 volunteers, to save the lives of 5,500 orphans by raising over $6,000,000.

You see, Chris heard the question, “Who Shall I Send?” and he replied, “Send Me.”

How did he do it? How does a guy from Texas, with no fundraising experience, raise millions for children 8,000 miles away? Well, his approach was simple. He practiced the same free-market principals that made him a successful entrepreneur. Chris was not beset with piety or the baggage that pervades the charitable sector. He understood that the every successful business (for-profit or nonprofit) is built on the three of legged stool of enterprise…PRODUCT, MARKETING AND SALES.


You see, Chris is a enterprise leader with great business instincts. While visiting Russia, he discovered that every teen who passes a standardized college entrance exam is provided a full scholarship to attend university. He then called on Professor Tatiana Baeva who organized her college students to mentor orphan’s ensuring each child passed their admissions test moving them out of poverty into a journey of hope and success. IT WAS THAT SIMPLE. HE DISCOVERED A GREAT PRODUCT. Chris and Tatiana designed a WAY OUT for children in need. Here’s their mission statement:

Allies in Youth Development provides Donors, Volunteers, and Mentors the organization they need to rescue orphans from a future of despair by providing them with human connection, life skills, and a pathway to education. Allies trains and empower in-country university students to become volunteer mentors to orphans in their area.


Chris Burgin Allies in Youth Development

Chris Burgin’s Garage – Allies In Youth’s First Headquarters

Chris knew how to build a business and determined early on that in order to grow his mission he was going to have to build financial-capacity. HIS PROGRAM MODEL WAS PERFECT BUT WOULD STILL REQUIRE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO ACHEIVE SIGNIFICANT IMPACT. He knew he had to share his mission with the right audience (MARKETING) and then invite them to purchase a stake in his meaningful cause (SALES). He attended several nonprofit education conferences, seminar trainings and even university led programs but was disappointed that every fundraising curriculum he encountered ASSUMED HE ALREADY HAD THOUSANDS OF DONORS. He couldn’t find a way to raise millions as a brand new startup. He couldn’t find a way to generate revenue from scratch.

Chris was not going to take no for an answer (what successful entrepreneur ever does?) By chance he received an email message about Major Gifts Ramp-Up and and decided to go to another nonprofit conference. He grabbed a flight to California where he met Louis Fawcett and Jimmy LaRose at a 2-Day Major Gifts ramp-Up Event. Within months he was raising the funds he required to save and transform lives.

Chris Burgin Raises Millions For Orphans Around The World

Chris Burgin Allies In Youth DevelopmentAllies In Youth Development succeeded so wildly with Major Gifts Ramp-Up that Chris decided he was willing to not only raise money for his own organization but would help other nonprofits as well. Chris has become a Major Gifts Ramp-Up Counselor and is willing to help you raise the millions you require to expand your important mission.

Chris Burgin & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

See below what Chris has to share about the fundraising model that will make your nonprofit dreams come true.

Essentially, Major Gifts Ramp-Up is a fundraising campaign model for non-profits so that they can not only kickstart programs from scratch and expand existing revenue sources, but also launch new financial projects and revitalize old ones.

This model is designed for everyone – from the one-hundred-million-dollar shop to the person who hasn’t quite gotten their 501(c)3 [five-oh-one-see-three] yet.

MGRU Campaigns are based on three straightforward phases: the Planning Phase, the Building Phase, and the Invitation Phase.

Phase One begins with our First Action Step: Management Philosophy. Simply put charities need to make the switch to prioritizing cash flow over service so that they can have the resources needed to save and transform lives.

Next, Step Two introduces the idea of Major Gifts Fundraising. Silent auctions, golf tournaments, and walk-a-thons are all things of the past. Instead, inviting specific individuals with means to share their best gift ensures that you will receive the highest return on your investment!

In Step Three, we make a plan with Organizational Development. Having financial goals to determine costs and impact not only helps you, but also gives the donors the information they need to give large gifts!

Step Four is by far the MOST important step in the MGRU Model: Case For Support. Reflecting the vision of your stakeholders is a “gift” that will inspire them to become more meaningfully involved in your mission.

Step Five wraps up our first phase by making an Advancement Calendar. This series of step-by-step tasks becomes your fundraising plan to help keep you accountable and demonstrate to donors how you are going to accomplish your goals.

We begin Phase Two with Step Six: Prospect Identification. If you’re going to raise major gifts, you need to know who has that kind of money to give. Our M-G-R-U online prospecting tool, DonorScope, allows you access to the names and addresses of the people and groups who can make a major gifts donation.

Step Seven is when we go public! Right at the six-month mark let’s invite this newly identified group of friends to a “non-fundraising” Awareness Event where they can take a “first-look” at your plans without the awkward pressure of an obligation. After your successful Awareness Event it’s time to build relationships with your new friends in Prospect Cultivation. This Eighth Step allows for individual care plans that will help move each donor forward to join your project in a way that works for them.

At twelve months, we hit Step Nine: The Signature Event. This provides an opportunity to meet more major donors, raise the level of visibility of your “Case for Support,” as well as allow donors to make an initial investment before their major gift.

With the start of Phase Three, it’s now time to assemble your Campaign Cabinet (Step Ten). This 15-member group emerges from your events and will be comprised of 10 to 12 veteran volunteer fundraisers who will each make a significant gift and invite their peers to join your campaign. After all your hard work, you’ve earned the right to ask! The cabinet will each hand-pick qualified prospects for Campaign Interviews, where each donor will be invited to join your team with a significant financial investment.

This brings us to Step Twelve: The ThreePart Ask! During the interviews, each candidate will be asked to consider three-different types of gifts: yearly operations, a single large project, and an endowment plan.

Once you’ve raised millions and exceeded your original goal, we’ve reached our final step: Campaign Success!

In total, Major Gifts Ramp Up campaigns are meant to surpass your goal, as well as be completed on time and under budget, all while resulting in happy volunteers, grateful donors, and community pride!

Where there is a dream, there is always an answer, and for Allies in Youth, the answer was Major Gifts RampUp!

Chris Burgin Allies In Youth Development

Allies in Youth Development

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