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Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Jonathan Babicka

Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Jonathan Babicka is an ardent advocate for nonprofits. He has dedicated nearly seven years as the executive director of The Little Lighthouse Foundation, channeling his life’s work towards supporting underserved children and their families.

The Little Lighthouse Foundation (LLF) is a nonprofit organization that assists underserved children and their families throughout South Florida. The goals LLF sets out to achieve each year are to fulfill the mission with proprietary programming and concepts with the support of like-minded partners and individuals, create accessible and diverse volunteer opportunities for those actively looking to donate their time, and bring smiles and impactful experiences to the underprivileged youth of South Florida.

The Little Lighthouse Foundation started in 2004 when LLF Founder Robert Sena moved from New York City to Miami and operated the Miami chapter of his favorite New York City-based organization. In 2010, he decided it was in the best interest of the facilities and children he served in the Miami area to create an organization based and operated in South Florida. Recruiting the help of active LLF board members and co-founders Aaron Resnick and Charlie Venturi, LLF was born in January 2010. LLF then launched its first program, Adopt-a-Meal, at Ronald McDonald House Charities (“RMHC”) where volunteers serve meals to the families of children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.

The leader behind LLF’s goals is executive director, Jonathan Babicka. Babicka has concentrated his life’s work on the needs of children and their families while bringing to light issues such as food insecurity that are near and dear to his heart. Being an active philanthropist, Babicka is involved in a variety of incredible charities in South Florida, and the Little Lighthouse Foundation has always been one of Babicka’s favorites.

With a passion for working with nonprofits, Jonathan Babicka, the executive director of The Little Lighthouse Foundation for almost seven years, has concentrated his life’s work on the needs of underserved children and their families while bringing to light issues such as food insecurity that are near and dear to his heart. Everyday, Jonathan tries something new to enhance the quality of life for others.

Born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey, Jonathan relocated to Florida where he began his career distributing hair products through his company BDF Master Distributors. In 2009, he opened Primp Salon where his passion working with nonprofits flourished. Through Primp Salon, Jonathan worked with several events and fashion shows and through this, he became an active philanthropist for a variety of incredible charities in South Florida. Over the years, Jonathan has created an incredible network of people that has led him to create PhilanThropic Lifestyle. PhilanThropic Lifestyle integrates high profile brands with nonprofit organizations to raise awareness through online marketing, program development, and events.

Now, at Little Lighthouse Foundation, Jonathan continues to grow. With the goal in mind to be a better version of himself everyday, Jonathan feels rewarded by seeing the growth of the Foundation. While he is not volunteering or working on a nonprofit event, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his wife, Missy Babicka, and being a  proud dad to their daughter, Layla, and their son, Prentice.

“With the Little Lighthouse Foundation, the team is limitless in what we can do to promote good,” says Babicka. “What most excites me about my work is being a part of a movement. It’s at the highest level of being a conscious human being. We do service, we bring people together through events and creative marketing. It’s all in an effort to be the best versions of ourselves. People gravitate to the Little Lighthouse Foundation as their vehicle to give back.”

Little Lighthouse Foundation celebrates their annual determination and dedication to serve the community by hosting the Hearts & Stars gala each year. All proceeds of this spectacular event go towards benefiting LLF’s mission of assisting children and families in South Florida who struggle with educational, financial, and medical hardships.  Most recently at the 13th annual gala there were bites from some of South Florida’s top restaurants, paired with an extravagant production, ensuring that guests will experience a night to remember. Guests indulged in delicacies and danced the night away with a special performance from Wyclef Jean. To end the special celebration, The Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Shining Light Award was presented to Gale Nelson, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, designating him as the community member who embodies the spirit of philanthropy and significantly furthers LLF’s mission. LLF also presented its Corporate Partner award to World Red Eye, for its support of LLF to further its mission.

LLF has over 20 proprietary programs with 33 partner facilities, including, but not limited to, homeless shelters, hospitals, and youth centers. LLF’s programs include Adopt-a-Meal at Ronald McDonald House, Activity Hour, Story Hour and Move & Groove at Chapman Partnership, Craft Night and Beauty All Around at Lotus House, and more. LLF also holds annual Specialty Programs which serve hundreds of children and families at a time and bring together hundreds of volunteers. These include LLF’s Back to School, Children’s Halloween Party and Holiday Toy Distribution, among others.

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