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Jimmy LaRose – Fundraiser & Entrepreneur of the Year

Jimmy LaRose - Fundraiser & Entrepreneur - Jimmy LaRose NANOE

Jimmy LaRose – Fundraiser & Entrepreneur of the Year highlights Acquisition International’s decision to name LaRose their 2023 Most Inspiring Fundraiser & Entrepreneur.

Acquisition International is a UK based nonprofit-organisation that highlights the impact of NPOS & NGOs across the British Isles. AI’s research team considered the work of Jimmy LaRose, Ian Mackie and Richard Anson of United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) who inspired thousands of United Kingdom donors to invest millions of dollars in their worldwide ministry.

UCB is an International Christian Media Group that brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every and all corners of our world through affiliates in twenty-five countries. UCB operates radio and television stations broadcasting the devotional The Word for Today.

LaRose’s industry best-selling book has been named one of the 100 best philanthropy books of all time. He is the author of RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY: Charities Need Your Mind More Than Your Money.

Jimmy LaRose – Fundraiser & Entrepreneur of the Year

Jimmy LaRose – Fundraiser & Entrepreneur of the Year

Jimmy challenges organizations, nonprofits, and ministries to invest finances, time, and resources into their true customers…DONORS! His work has proven that millionaires pay for the opportunity to participate in the transformation of a people. They spend their money to advance an issue. They purchase a stake in United Christian Broadcasters’ meaningful cause.

Jimmy LaRose - Fundraiser & Entrepreneur NANOE Jimmy LaRoseThroughout the years Jimmy LaRose has spent his career working alongside charities, he has gained a great deal of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. The common approach that charities take upon their mission doesn’t always help bring forward the money that is needed to do so as they don’t tend to focus on donors and volunteers as much as they should.

Jimmy LaRose is the author of RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY: Charities Need Your Mind More Than Your Money, which has been named one of the 100 best philanthropy books of all time. Sharing his knowledge to help charities maximise their impact is the aim of this book. Jimmy challenges charities to shift who they perceive their clients to be – he identifies donors and volunteers as the “true client” instead of those who the charity is founded to help.

The client of a nonprofit is who receives the services it provides, which is exactly why charities have approached those it helps as their clients. However, given that money comes from donors (not from who is receiving its services) the approach can’t be the same. For charities to provide real change and support, Jimmy believes that they need to focus more on the donors and involve them in their mission.

In order to help charities accomplish their mission and transition into an approach that will help them make real impact, Jimmy founded a non-profit organisation called, National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE). It is a nationwide network that is made up of donors, volunteers, and charitable leaders who are committed to significant and sustainable impact to help transform the communities they serve. NANOE offers memberships, credentialing, networking, impact videos, special events, donor data, resource libraries, and New Guidelines for Nonprofits to maximise charitable impact.

Jimmy has an extensive background of experience with this kind of work and his ideas are highly valued and referred to by journalists. He has devoted his career to helping others. This life-long commitment has led Jimmy LaRose to receive the title of Most Inspiring Fundraiser & Entrepreneur 2023. He sees the opportunity to bring forward positive change and with his team of experts is devoted to transforming the nonprofit sector.

Jimmy has made over 1,200 keynote addresses/seminar presentations on five continents including special events in over 15% of the planet’s urban centers. Jimmy takes donors and volunteers on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit management. Hailed as both provocative and uplifting RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY uses an “emperor has no clothes” approach to confront the “crazy-making” that’s paralyzed the charitable sector for the past fifty years. Relying on humor and vivid story-telling RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY “challenges the existing order of things” inspiring philanthropists to solve global problems by transforming the nonprofits in whom they invest. He has been named a specialist by the U.S. State Department and Department of Homeland Security.

LaRose is the architect of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Donor Cultivation Model & Online Cloud used by charities around the world to meet the needs of their primary customers…the advocates, donors and volunteers who financially underwrite their mission. He’s the founder of National Development Institute, a 501(c)3 public benefit charity established in 1990 that insures funders, granting organizations and corporations safeguard their mission by building financial capacity. He’s the designer of CNE, CDE & CNC™ Credentialing providing NANOE members the training and certification they require to lead nonprofits to greater success. He’s the inventor of DonorScope an online prospect research platform used by charities to identify donors who give big gifts to great dreams that are backed by sound plans. He’s the publisher of InsideCharity America’s Trusted Nonprofit News Source an online news magazine that curates news from respected nonprofit media outlets so sector leaders have a one-stop nonprofit news source. He’s the founder of 501c3.Buzz an online forum moderated by a nationwide network of academicians, practitioners & consultants that highlights charitable leaders who have dedicated their lives to advance the common good. He has been recently recognized as our Country’s great leader by establishing December as National Giving Month™ inviting the U.S. Government to declare, “December Giving Makes Us Human.” Finally, Jimmy LaRose is the CEO of both Development Systems International and PAX Global whose teams specialize in implementing the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model for nonprofits, ministries and churches who raise major gifts.

If you are interested in learning more about Jimmy and his innovative perspectives on impactful change, head over to his website https://JimmyLaRose.com to learn more.

Company: National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE)
Web Address: https://JimmyLaRose.com & https://NANOE.org

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