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AltaMed Health Services Champions Young People

AltaMed Health Services Champions Young People 501c3.Buzz

AltaMed Health Services Champions Young People celebrates a historic institution that invests in the lives of young people.

LOS ANGELES – June 2022 – During the AltaMed Health Services’ Youth Champions Donor Appreciation Dinner on May 25, eight $10,000 college scholarships were awarded to students who excelled in this year’s program. It was also announced the AltaMed Youth Champions program will operate as an educational internship for the 2022-2023 school year where students will earn a stipend for hours spent completing this unique personal development program.

The AltaMed Youth Champions program empowers youth to enhance their life skills, focusing on a positive mindset, leadership, communication, financial literacy, goal setting, and most importantly, determination to work hard and excel in every category of their lives.

Founded four years ago by Cambria Cline and Jack Cline, President of Lee & Associates – Los Angeles Downtown and an AltaMed board of trustee member, the main goal of the Youth Champions program is to build courage, perseverance, creativity and problem-solving skills in their students, grades 10-12. The program offers students weekly afterschool classes, virtual panel events, field trips, book clubs, video contests, unique teambuilding opportunities, professional development, networking events as well as an annual job fair. This school year the program served approximately 200 students from seven high schools throughout Los Angeles. Instructors are provided by CommandReady, a corporate leadership training company.

“My wife, Cambria, and I are truly honored to be able to work with such amazing students who continuously surprise us with their determination and commitment,” said Cline. “Our Youth Champion students come from underserved communities throughout Los Angeles and many have endured incredible hardships, including homelessness and poverty. It is our honor to recognize and reward these eight deserving students who were engaged and participated at the highest level throughout this past year!”

AltaMed Health Services Champions Young People

Congratulations to the following eight students who earned $10,000 scholarships:

Emeli Andrade (Grade 12) Huntington Park 

Emeli will be graduating from Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine High School and is planning to attend University of California Los Angeles and study medicine and biosciences. She is the oldest in her family and will be the first family member to attend college.

Diana Gomez (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Diana will be graduating from Ortho Medical Magnet High School and is planning to attend University of California Irvine and study nursing. She comes from an immigrant household where there is a lot of love but also many hardships. Her parents constantly remind her to take advantage of all the privileges and opportunities that they did not have as kids. Diana thanks the Youth Champions program for giving her the skills needed to get into a great college.

Stacy Hu (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Stacy will be graduating from Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School and will be attending University of California Riverside and study business. Since her parents have their own business and work long hours, Stacy is a role model to her younger sister. After school, Stacy makes lunch and takes care of her sister while also completing her schoolwork. This dedication to her family resulted in a strong sense of self.

Madelyn Prado (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Madelyn will be graduating from Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy and will attend Santa Monica College and study medicine and biochemistry. Since Madelyn is the oldest child and her parents had to work full-time, she was responsible for taking care of her three younger siblings. This role gave her confidence and leadership skills which she’s now utilizing within her career aspirations. Throughout her life, she has seen women in her family rise in the most desperate times in life and persevere.

Krisalyn del Refugio (Grade 12) Huntington Park 

Krisalyn will be graduating from Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine High School and will attend University of California Irvine and study medicine and biosciences. Due to her accomplishments in school and in the home, her family has always set high expectations for her. She is truly excited to be the first person in her family to attend college. Attending college will help Krisalyn obtain a job that will help keep her family financially stable.

Jesus Angel Rodriquez (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Jesus will be graduating from Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine High School and is planning on attending University of California Los Angeles and study political science. Throughout his life, he has been motivated by his passion of creating change not just within himself but also in his local community. Even though he has encountered adversities, he decided to take control of his own well-being. This is one of the reasons why he joined the Youth Champions program.

Henry Tan (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Henry will be graduating from Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School and will attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and study engineering. He dedicates his passion for learning to his sister and parents. His sister is his inspiration because when he was in elementary school, she graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and is now an aerospace engineer. She convinced Henry to try robotics which led him along the engineering career path.

Audrey Zuniga (Grade 12) Los Angeles 

Audrey will be graduating from Esperanza College Prep High School and will attend Marymount Manhattan College in New York and study International Business. Audrey has come across a lot of mentors in her life but her true role model is her mother. Her mother is one of the most hard-working people she knows.

Funding for the 2021-2022 Youth Champions program was provided by:

  • Jacky Dilfer, Business Financial Capital (BFC)
  • Jack and Cambria Cline
  • Vera R. Campbell Foundation
  • Supo Foundation
  • Friese Family Foundation
  • Sheila Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation
  • Asante Bayrooti, Lifetime Flooring
  • Eduardo and Reyna Valadez, Val-Air Conditioning & Heating

For additional information about the AltaMed Youth Champions program, visit

About Youth Champions 

In partnership with AltaMed Health Services Corporation, Youth Champions program was founded in 2018 by Cambria and Jack Cline. The Youth Champions program empowers high school students to enhance their life skills through personal development, including leadership, communication, financial literacy, positive mindset, determination to work hard, and GRIT. Students who demonstrate a willingness to work hard will build courage, perseverance, creativity and problem-solving skills. 

 About AltaMed Health Services 

AltaMed understands that when people receive care that considers their individual health needs and respects their cultural preferences; they grow healthy—and help their families do the same. Since 1969, we have delivered complete medical services to communities across Southern California. Our team of qualified multicultural and bilingual professionals—from these same communities— is focused on eliminating barriers to primary care services, senior care programs, and essential community services. With nearly 50 accredited health centers and service facilities, we remain committed and ready to help you grow healthy at any age. 

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