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Broken for Good: The Way Charity Works In The United States

BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works in the United States of America is MUST SEE VIEWING for foundations and philanthropists  who have the power to give charities what they really need…FREEDOM! The freedom to implement unconventional best practices that respond to the specific needs of their community! Unless we allow charities to invest donor dollars into risk, growth and savings nonprofits will continue to be hamstrung by a poverty mentality.

Somewhere along the way, people came to believe that if a nonprofit paid competitive salaries, they were taking money away from the population they were created to serve. This video is so on point! Nonprofits could accomplish so much more if they operated like a for-profit business. In the corporate world, if you don’t accomplish your objectives, your business fails. And you can’t accomplish your objectives without the appropriate tools, including well educated, well paid staff. When for-profit businesses pay their employees competitive salaries, it doesn’t mean their product will be sub-standard! On the contrary, it means they will get a better product. Armed with the right tools, nonprofits could be just as successful as our most profitable corporations. Imagine that!

BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works in the United States of America takes the general public on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit management. Hailed as both provocative and uplifting producer Korngold uses an “emperor has no clothes” approach to confront the “crazy-making” that’s paralyzed the charitable sector for the past fifty years. Relying on vivid story-telling BROKEN for GOOD “challenges the existing order of things” inspiring society to solve global problems by first transforming the nonprofits in whom they invest.

BROKEN FOR GOOD is based, in part, on Jimmy LaRose’s RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY and the work of Dr. Kathleen Robinson of Clemson University. Also featured are Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dan Pallotta of the Charity Defense Council, Juanita Wheeler of Full & Frank, Nat Ware of 180 Degree Consulting and Diana Ruano of the UN Food Programme.

You can learn more about Jimmy LaRose by visiting

You can learn more about Kathleen Robinson by visit

About Joy Campbell:

After working with the Council on Child Abuse and Neglect and witnessing the devastating consequences of children having children, Joy founded the SC Campaign in 1994 with a $25,000 seed grant from the South Carolina March of Dimes. In donated office space with donated furniture, she and two graduate assistants built the SC Campaign’s solid foundation by commissioning research, disseminating information, providing technical assistance to counties and raising public awareness of the issue. She worked tirelessly for four years to secure state funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs in all 46 counties by building an extensive, grassroots advocacy coalition and gaining widespread political support. As a result, in 1998 the General Assembly in South Carolina appropriated $10.5 million for local teen pregnancy prevention programs. The SC Campaign was subsequently recognized as an “Outstanding State Coalition” by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and received further national recognition from the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting and the American Association of University Women. Joy served as President/CEO for eight years.

“I don’t think any organization can begin without a visionary, and Joy Campbell is the person who brought a vision and commitment to this state. She started all by herself, working to engage the community and debate about this issue and raise awareness. She was the visionary that launched the effort in this state.” — Kit Smith, SC Campaign supporter and former Board Chair

A first generation college graduate, Joy’s passion is advocating for the voiceless. She began her non-profit career with the Council on Child Abuse and Neglect where she created the “Special Delivery”program and encountered many young, single mothers struggling to provide basic resources for their children. While working with CCAN, she served on the Greater Columbia Teen Pregnancy Council where she was chair of the Public Affairs Committee and organized the first Teen Pregnancy Prevention Legislative Awareness Day. As a result of those experiences, Joy founded the SC Campaign to bring people and resources together to address our state’s exceptionally high teen pregnancy rates.

After eight years with the SC Campaign, Joy has since served in executive leadership positions for the Midlands Area Mental Health Association, the Southern Regional Health Consortium, the Cooperative Ministry’s S.C. Katrina Evacuee Relief Center, the YWCA and College Summit. She is a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of the University of South Carolina and a graduate of Leadership South Carolina. In 1999 she was recognized by Governor Jim Hodges as “A South Carolina Hero” for her exceptional dedication and work for children.

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