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Beverly Gurley, South Carolina’s Great Educator – Redfern II

Dr. Beverly Gurley, born in Dillon, SC, entered the workforce with what some would say were limited opportunities.

Yet, young Beverly thought different and became a special needs children “assistant-bus-driver” serving families in America’s impoverished South Carolina’s Pee Dee. She valued these families with such love and trust that local administrators elevated her to the position of “senior-bus-driver”.

That was all the encouragement she needed.

Beverly, as a new wife and mother, enrolled in Coker College’s night school pursuing her bachelor of arts degree and the sacred position of elementary school teacher. The children she taught and families she transformed inspired her to grow in her vocation. Beverly achieved a master’s degree from Winthrop University and became a South Carolina award-winning school principal impacting hundred of lives across our State.

Mrs. Gurley had more mountains to climb.

Beverly Gurley, South Carolina’s Great Educator – Bishop Redfern II

Upon securing her doctorate from South Carolina State College Dr. Gurley was installed as superintendent of Marlboro County and Dillon County Schools and was tasked with addressing the social, economic, political horrors that beset South Carolina’s I-95 corridor. She raised test scores. She raised school scores. She raised students. She raised hearts. Her myriad of accomplishments were celebrated by President Barak Obama who visited Dr. Gurley and students highlighting her accomplishments in a nationwide address.

Simply put, Beverly Gurley changes everything she encounters and is now ready for her next challenge.

Bishop Redfern II and Ecumenical University has committed to launching a new program that will establish mission schools across the nation and around the world that emulate the principles that guided Dr. Gurley during her storied career. This program will replicate her proven work that for decades has saved and transformed lives.

We celebrate Dr. Gurley and covet your prayers.

Thank you in advance for your support of Ecumenical University and Dr. Gurley’s legacy.


Ecumenical University

Dr. Beverly J. Gurley has served as Superintendent of Schools; District Administrator; Principal Leader (SDE); Principal Specialist (SDE); Director of curriculum and Principal Director of Alternative Schools. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Education Administration and Supervision from South Carolina State University. Dr. Gurley serves as a SCSU Adjunct Professor where she teaches our Nation’s next generation of students. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Coker College, Master of Arts Degree in Education Administration and Supervision from Winthrop University. Dr. Gurley is certified by the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia in the areas of Superintendent; Elementary Supervisor; Elementary Principal; Elementary Education K-6; Principal K-12; Curriculum Instruction Specialist; Education Leadership P-12; Early Childhood Education P-5. She is also South Carolina TAP (Teacher Advance Program) Evaluator Certified, and an AdvancED (SACS Accreditation) Lead Evaluator and Team Member.

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