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August 12, 2021
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your Donation Page More Effective
August 12, 2021
SBA Nonprofit Funding Is Still Available
SBA Nonprofit Funding Up To $500,000
August 16, 2021

Vloggi Nonprofit Video Marketing – Nichelle Antoque

Vloggi Nonprofit Video Marketing

Vloggi Nonprofit Video Marketing is Nichelle Antoque’s take on how charities can take advantage of the power of video in their marketing and fundraising campaigns.

If you work in marketing for a not-for-profit, a non-governmental organization or a government agency, you know the strong need to engage your audience through video. Video is seven times more effective at converting potential donors than images and video is also an incredibly powerful tool in convincing decision makers and member engagement.

But at times video appears too complex, costly or slow to embark on a new campaign. In fact, despite 92% of charity marketers saying they wanted to include more video in their campaigns, only 16% did so in 2020.

The Coronavirus pandemic, the working-from-home trend and multi-device world of 2021 make video even more impactful than before. But it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. The good news is that there are several types of videos that are proven to cut through better than others and enhance your click-through rate on NFP marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, we will discuss seven video formats that you should create for marketing your charity or NGO and how they can help improve engagement and retention of your supporters and donors.

Vloggi Nonprofit Video Marketing – Nichelle Antoque

Format 1: Explainer videos.

This video format explains what your organization does and who you serve in a clear, concise manner without being too wordy or complicated. This is great for stakeholders as it clearly identifies the core of the organization and can even break down complex issues in quick and engaging ways.

How do you make an explainer video? You start off with a script explaining what your organization does, what its mission is and how people can get involved. Then you can either hire an animator to bring your script to life or use one of hundreds of online explainer video platforms, like Biteable.

If your website explains your organization pretty well, you can make a screen recording and annotate the recording. It is worth noting that sometimes it is easier for people to understand something when they see it rather than read about it! So be sure to include lots of graphics or images.

If you have Powerpoint or Keynote presentation already, you can bring them to life through services such as Powtown which is affordable and easy to use.

Format 2: Interview video.

Often the people inside your organization are some of the most passionate advocates for your cause. Let them tell their stories through an in-depth interview. Some of your donors and supporters will want to watch long-form interviews giving detailed answers to their questions.

This video format has two purposes; it gives supporters an inside view into your non-profit’s story,  while simultaneously answering their questions about the impact of your work. As a method of digital storytelling, interview videos can be emotionally engaging and with the right questions, structure and script, you will engage your audience to take action. This is a very powerful form of video as you most likely already know from watching television interviews with inspiring people. Your staff are also inspiring, dedicating their lives to your cause.

Our tip is to make sure this video features one person speaking directly into the camera instead of cutting back and forth between multiple people for maximum effectiveness when marketing online. You can use jump cuts to add pace, but try not to break the fourth wall and allow the interviewee to acknowledge the presence of the camera.

– How do I make an interview video? This video can be as simple or complicated, depending on the level of detail that you want to go into. You will need a video camera and someone who is comfortable speaking in front of it for this video format to work. You can also cut pieces from an interview to repurpose for your social media marketing and other digital assets.

You can also look into a media agency, video production agency or videographer. For the best impact, a professional will be necessary.

Format 3: Event Video.

To show off your involvement and impact of your work, create an event video! These videos are perfect marketing materials because they don’t just highlight what you do but help connect people with causes near and dear to their hearts- giving them something that they care about along with your business message

– How do I make an event video?

Same as the last video format, you can do it solo or with a professional videographer. For formal convention center or conference settings, the event organizer will have video feeds of the main stage. To give the event video life, add in some user-generated video from the exhibition hall, networking events and other informal parts of the agenda. These additional bits of footage can be less professional and audiences are more forgiving as they will view it as more authentic and less staged if filmed on a phone.

Our tip here, Create a buzz reel of all the best bits, in addition to posting the full speeches, plenary sessions and conference sessions for delegates top watch later. The buzz reel should include shots before, during and after the main event. Featuring footage shot by those at the event as well as the professionally-shot video.

Format 4: Benefactor testimonial videos.

Nothing is more impactful for your donors than seeing the results of their philanthropy at work. Giving your benefactors a chance to speak about their experience with you is not only beneficial for fundraising purposes but also reinforces that what they say matters and can help build relationships between both parties! This video should be personalized so that it includes information such as where the benefactor and how your NFP has helped them achieve their goals. Using real people who have been helped makes benefactor testimonials stand-out on social media channels like Facebook- which are excellent platforms for video advertising.

How do I create a benefactor testimonial video?

The easiest way to collect testimonials from people all around the world on different devices is to use a crowdsourcing tool like Vloggi. The platform allows the NFP to pose questions or give a brief to contributors on what to include in their piece-to-camera. The platform also ensure that permission to use the person’s image, word and likeness in the final compilation video is all captured and documented.

Format 5- Behind-the-scenes video.

Your donors enable some awesome projects to be carried out around the world. Thanks to high-definition video cameras on mobile phones, you can now access footage from behind-the-scenes of your projects without having to send film crews and pay travel expenses.

If you want to share how much work goes into a project – from church painting in Africa to ramp access installation to crop harvesting in the Pacific – this type of video will give people an inside look at what your organization does and how they do it so well!

How do I make a behind-the-scenes video?

You can crowdsource the footage you need for this kind of video from your project team in the field, your staff and your volunteers. They probably all have valuable footage on their phones already, so you just need a simple way to collect the video either by setting up a cloud storage folder and sending them a link, or asking them to upload to YouTube and share the link or by using a user-generated video collection platform like Vloggi.

You should incentivise the footage you really need, by making a list of the crucial footage and then reaching out to those team members directly (i.e. the construction crew, the in-country liaison team or the crucial local volunteers). Ensure you have the right sequence of footage. This video format is also perfect for showing individuals doing their job without speaking too much about the whole process – which can be off putting if viewers don’t know anything about these types of tasks

Format 6: Philanthropist videos

Similar to benefactor testimonials, getting your key donors to share their passion for your NFP can be a very powerful tool. Often your largest donors are philanthropists and can often be high profile individuals. As such, their name is an important and valuable endorsement to your cause.

How do you make a philanthropic donor video?

Similar to the interview videos mentioned above, interviews with key donors will take time to organize and needs to be filmed professionally. Key to achieving the end result, even if only one or two grabs, will be coordinating the diaries of these busy people. They are major assets to your organization and will often be comfortable with television interviews, so ensure you use professional videographers, lighting engineers and editors.

Format 7: Live stream videos.

During the pandemic, the world has become very used to livestreamed video conferencing. Bringing your team together for online events can also provide a rich source of authentic video content for you to re-use in marketing later. Many of the event’s participants give great insights into your cause during the livestream and this should be captured for marketing. It also acts as social proof for your donors and supporters about the accomplishments and activity of your organization.

How to make livestream videos?

Whether you record webinars, video podcasts or full conferences, make sure you gain permission from those on screen to use their views, likeness and name in your promotional material. Platforms like Zoom and GoToMeetings all allow full recordings on their enterprise and business tiers. But make sure your hard drive has enough space to hold the large video files from lengthy livestreams. Start by going over what participants may want to know before clicking “record” so that there’s no confusion about the purpose of the video.

Please feel free to visit https://Vloggi.com or contact Nichelle Antoque at [email protected].

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