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February 20, 2021
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February 21, 2021

United Way CEO Debbie Bogle Receives NANOE Award

United Way CEO Debbie Bogle

United Way CEO Debbie Bogle Receives NANOE Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates Debbie Bogles’ issuance of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives’ 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award. Debbie is one of two honored nonprofit CEOs who will receive this years Kathleen Robinson’ Award.

 Debbie began her nonprofit experience at age 17 serving United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois. Since then, she has volunteered at United Way as a campaign cabinet member, volunteer of the year, and as a member of the Board of Directors. She was subsequently hired by United Way to oversee Resource Development and Marketing prior to becoming the CEO of the organization in 2012. She has led United Way to new levels bringing 211 Information Referral Line to Central Illinois and secured 10 years of funding. In 2020 State and Local community leaders selected Debbie and United Way to lead the charge in serving families in Mid-Illinois suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and to facilitate Healing Illinois funding in 28 counties.

The Kathleen Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed on a NANOE member who has met two specific criteria. First, the recipient has demonstrated a life-time commitment to growing nonprofit organizations. Second, they have championed the message cause of NANOE by achieving “significant impact.” Dr. Robinson personally chose Debbie to receive this year’s issuance sharing, “Debbie Bogle’s lifetime of service to the sector and her commitment to NANOE are unparalleled in both her actions and her words. She has made United Way one of Illinois’ premier programs that solves problems and transforms lives.”

United Way CEO Debbie Bogle Receives NANOE Lifetime Achievement Award

Debbie has also been the volunteer coordinator for the largest food drive in the United States, bringing in over 1.5 million pounds of food in one day with over 300 volunteers. She has been a member of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives since 2018.

NANOE’s Kathleen Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are personally selected by NANOE Co-Founder Dr. Kathleen Robinson. During her fifty-year career, Kathy worked in community and regional support systems development for at-risk families, children and youth organizations, community-based literacy systems, holistic family centers and nonprofit human services organizations. In addition, her focus has been on systems-based approaches to community planning and policy development, and social impact assessments of various community change projects. Dr. Robinson previously served University of South Carolina and Clemson University. At Clemson she was named Director of the Center on Neighborhood Development and the Director of the Center on Nonprofit Leadership within the Institute on Families and Neighborhood Life. She also co-lead the development of the Clemson’s PHD program in International Family and Community Studies.

Again, NANOE congratulates Debbie Bogle for a lifetime of service to her community. Her personal achievements, and love for those in need embody NANOE’s core values.

United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a nonprofit organization that works with 1,200 offices throughout the country in a coalition of charitable organizations to pool efforts in fundraising and support. United Way’s focus is to identify and resolve pressing community issues and to make measurable changes in communities through partnerships with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, community development corporations, voluntary and neighborhood associations, the faith community, and others. The main areas include education, income, and health. The mission of the United Way is simple: We unite people and resources to improve the quality of life of all people everywhere. The United Way is known as the collaborator and trusted community problem solver.  In that role, we will work to understand the needs of our community and then put programs in place to address those needs. As the results of our focus become increasingly visible, we believe that participation in our process will increase.  In the end, our vision is that the United Way a “way of life” for all people everywhere.


Excellence:  We perform with excellence in word and deeds at all times.
Responsiveness:  We listen and respond to the needs of the community.
Leadership: We initiate catalytic leadership for community building to effect positive change.
Integrity: We act with integrity that inspires the highest trust.
Impact: We make a positive difference and have a measurable impact.
Volunteerism: We are relevant and impactful through the spirit of volunteerism.
Openness: We are accessible to all interested in participating in or examining our involvement in impacting the community.
Collaboration: We are committed to a group process to reach common goals that cannot be reached through the efforts of individuals or organizations acting alone.


National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) is a nationwide network of donors, volunteers and charitable leaders whose relentless commitment to significant and sustainable impact transforms the communities we serve. NANOE members are innovators who solve problems (not just service them) by deploying heroic missions of scale that confront social and environmental dilemmas so completely that money chases after their every need.

  1. We connect philanthropists, funders and academics to people that transform their worlds;
  2. We create platforms, programs and tools that supercharge financial capacity building;
  3. We form economic impact engines infusing capital into charities to guarantee mission success;
  4. We confront intellectual dishonesty using mass communications to dispel myths and disseminate truth;
  5. We disrupt industry associations, organizations and media outlets whose activities injure nonprofits;
  6. We build personal relationships with leaders that strengthen them and meet their needs;
  7. We establish compensation standards that safeguard the financial success of those employed in our sector;
  8. We credential executives in advanced management models, capacity-building and consulting;
  9. We research and report on scale, sustainability and significant impact;
  10. We host forums, conferences and events on scale, sustainability and significant impact;

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