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Maxie Carpenter Predicts, “The Future of Nonprofit Work is Already Here”

Maxie Carpenter Predicts Future

Maxie Carpenter Predicts, “The Future of Nonprofit Work is Already Here” is is Maxie’s take on the massive changes occurring in the way nonprofits do business.

As software continues to consume the globe, organizations must find ways to build more innovative and collaborative teams. For these organizations, the future of work is here today. How they reshape the way they engage digital talent will have a huge impact on their ability to grow and sustain. Here are six ways those investing in technology are creating the future of work now.

1. Remote workers and work-from-home teams are the new normal.

Even within an organization, silos can prevent the right people from working on the most important projects. Making it possible for team members to work remotely is the only way to liberate talent across your geographical area. This is also the only way to source critical skill gaps that are not available inside the organization, like social media aficionados.

2. Hybrid teams are multiplying.

Innovation and collaboration require a diverse mix of talent. The most creative teams blend in-house employees having Nonprofit context with remote talent having advanced technical skills. Hybrid teams also have the advantage of helping organizations build in-house skills by working side by side with remote talent.

3. Flexible Staffing

Flexible staffing allocates resources based on the workload and can reduce the total hours it normally takes to deliver outcomes.

4. Employees want to be treated more like remote workers.

The best employees want the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work. This doesn’t have to require radical organizational changes. This lets more senior employees with junior employees, allowing both to grow by being exposed to new challenges.

5. Remote workers want to be treated more like employees.

The best remote workers want stability and work benefits without sacrificing their flexibility. Organizations that learn how to work effectively with them will have their pick of the best.

A great example of a social services sector that’s moving online is Counseling. Teletherapy is exploding right now at the speed of light. I’m working now with a client that’s moving his entire practice online. It requires a lot of moving parts, almost all digital and technology supported in nature. The integrations with technology, software and people is fascinating and the potential is unlimited.

The Nonprofit Sector, especially those organizations with a specific focus on social services, can completely reinvent themselves, improving efficiencies and outcomes, while at the same time cutting costs. Many of them have already started the process with Fund Development.

The future of work describes a cultural shift that organizations must adopt to grow their capacity. The pace of change is accelerating as more organizations adopt new work from home rules that support remote workers. Organizations that embrace a culture of innovation and collaboration can become more stakeholder-focused, attract better talent, and grow resources and capacity.

Maxie Carpenter Predicts, “The Future of Nonprofit Work is Already Here” was first posted at INSIDE CHARITY

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Maxie Carpenter Predicts, “The Future of Nonprofit Work is Already Here” was written by Maxie Carpenter, Senior Counselor at Development Systems International

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