June 21, 2024
Nonprofit CARES Act 3.5 – $484 Billion Relief Package
April 23, 2020
Nonprofit Neuromarketing Supercharges Fundraising
April 25, 2020
Nonprofit CARES Act 3.5 – $484 Billion Relief Package
April 23, 2020
Nonprofit Neuromarketing Supercharges Fundraising
April 25, 2020

NANOE’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up Virtual Event – May 19th 2020

INSIDE CHARITY is privileged to sponsor NANOE’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE (Virtual Online Event) Visit Here to SAVE-THE-DATE. Do you believe every dollar brought into your nonprofit should be spent on programs? Has COVID-19 changed your thinking about revenue, expenses and cash reserves? Are you wondering how you will make payroll for your organization six months from now? Will your nonprofit’s impact be diminished as a result of the coronavirus? Is your Board in panic? How will you pay your bills?

NANOE Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE

Are you ready to RE-IMAGINE PHILANTHROPY for your nonprofit?

Now is the time to seize your nonprofit’s future.  Now is the time to make the changes your organization needs to make sure you will never be in this situation again. Now is the time build capacity so your nonprofit can grow revenue and impact year over year for decades! While people proclaim the sky is falling because of COVID-19, economic downturns happen about every ten years.  Lessons learned from previous recoveries can help shape how we prepare for the future.  Your organization cannot rely on the government, traditional nonprofit norms, or any fly by night schemes to get the cash you need.  Rather, you need to apply sound, free market principles that work in the for-profit world.


nanoes major gifts ramp-up

Following the Great Recession, the founders of NANOE conducted a study of 485 nonprofits that received capacity building grants during the recession. Only 15% of these organization were able to leverage that funding to grow their impact and revenue.

When we studied those 15% who were successful, we learned the following:

  1. They built more capacity over a five year period than those nonprofits who indicated they stagnated or declined during the same time period.
  2. They grew budget, programs & donors, despite the recession.
  3. They grew their nonprofits regardless of the size/involvement of their board.
  4. They externalized their mission for the purpose of fundraising.
  5. They developed board members who evaluated the chief executive and promoted the goals and values of the CEO.

What was the common factor in the success of these nonprofits? A strong CEO or Executive Director who planned for the future and viewed fundraising as a top priority.  Strong leaders understand that philanthropy is essential for your nonprofit’s success and that 80% of philanthropy in the U.S. is from individuals and families.

Now, more than ever, you need to redirect time and resources to fundraising, without apology.  COVID-19 is making clear what many have been saying for years:

  • Every nonprofit needs at least six months of operating cash reserves
  • Every nonprofit needs to build an unrestricted endowment of at least $1 million
  • Every nonprofit needs a leadership structure that prioritizes fundraising

You need cash to weather difficult times like the COVID-19 crisis, hire and retain the best and brightest employees, and grow your impact in your community.  Your mission is too important and the people you serve are too precious to be left behind!

Don’t let anyone tell you now is not the time to fundraise.  Don’t let anyone tell you things have to stay the same.  Don’t let a few panicked Board members hijack your nonprofit’s future. The future of your organization will be determined by your strong staff leadership (not by your Board or political leaders). Now is the time to act!

To meet the need your nonprofit has to fund your mission, NANOE has partnered with National Development Institute to bring you Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE.  This 90 minute webinar will walk you through the 13 steps needed to install a permanent culture of philanthropy in your organization.  You will learn how to:

  • Formulate an 18-month advancement calendar
  • Develop a robust case for support that describes the next three to five years of mission impact
  • Calculate a three year comprehensive campaign goal
  • Create millionaire prospect lists within a twenty mile radius of your headquarters
  • Invite millionaires to learn about your impact and become involved in your mission
  • Secure five, six and seven figure gifts through ASKING

Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE is a free opportunity for NANOE Members to learn proven, concrete steps for success.

Fundraising is not a necessary evil. Capacity building is not a luxury. Raising millions of dollars is not just for hospitals and universities. Rather, securing big bet philanthropy can become YOUR FOCUS if you implement the principles of Major Gifts Ramp-Up.

Are these scary times? Yes.  Does the future seem uncertain? Yes.

But we know from history that organizations who use difficult times as opportunities for change emerge on the other side resilient, stronger, and ahead of their competitors.  Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE will give you the tools you need to adapt, change and grow your nonprofit.

Join us on May 19 at 11:00 am eastern time for Major Gifts Ramp-Up LIVE.  You will hear from some of the most experienced and wisest leaders in the nonprofit industry who, without the piety of traditional norms, will inspire you to change and grow. Be positive, be encouraged, be creative, be well. NANOE stands with you as you continue to change and save lives!

Louis Fawcett, President


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