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Cathy Parker Says, “It’s Our Time To Shine”

Cathy Parker Says, “It’s Our Time To Shine” is her take whether or not charities will survive COVID-19. Here’s what Cathy has to share:

Hello friends in the charitable sector. Let’s have a candid conversation about what we are all asking: “Will our charities survive?”  You may even feel hesitant to ask for donations if your mission doesn’t provide services directly involved with the healthcare system.

Please allow me to ask you this question: “Does the case-for-support (need) of your charity still exist?”  My guess would be that not only does it exist, but your mission has become even more vital.

Even though our charities meet different needs throughout the world, we all have one thing in common: WE BRING HOPE!

I would implore you to realize that this is the charitable sector’s time to shine. 

I absolutely understand that funding is needed to continue all of our charities.  For this reason, use this time to connect with the most important people involved with your charity: your donors.  Yes, it is your donors because if not for them your charity would not exist!

I would like to share with you a testimony pertinent to raising funds during difficult times.  In 2007 I embarked on a philanthropic endeavor to provide an artificial football field for a remote community in Alaska.  You can read all about it in my book Northern Lights.  The project was a success, but much of the funding needed wasn’t collected until the end of 2008.  We all know about the recession of 2008, the plummeting stock market, housing foreclosures, etc.  All these things were going on, yet people still continued to give to something that would give hope to a small Alaskan community.  I even heard this statement from one of the generous donors.  “I’m so glad I took money I would have invested in stock but instead invested in the youth of Alaska.  The return was so much greater!”

Friends in the charitable sector, we are needed like never before.  Our neighbors, communities and world needs hope and that is exactly who we are: carriers of hope!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or VISIT HERE to learn more.

Sincerely Yours,


Cathy Parker Says, “It’s Our Time To Shine” was written by author and speaker Cathy Parker. Cathy and her family’s lives have always revolved around athletics. She is the wife of former NFL player and current high school football coach, Carl. She is also the mother of four children; all raised on the ball fields. In 2007, she saw an opportunity to give back in an area in which her family had been blessed. She spear-headed an effort to help a struggling community 4,000 miles away in Barrow, Alaska by giving them a gift of an artificial turf football field to replace their gravel covered field. This act of kindness brought hope to the community of Barrow and continues to inspire others to step out and do what may seem impossible. In the office, at home, within your civic group, or at the ball field, the power and influence of us WOMEN are immeasurable. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my fellow sister-friends, encouraging them to use their influence to improve their world. I hope to encourage, give insight, and inspire you to persevere no matter what obstacles you may face.

To Learn More About Cathy Parker and Northern Lights VISIT HERE

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