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How to Maintain Donor Engagement Between Asks
August 9, 2018
How to Own Your Executive Director Role
August 13, 2018

6 Can’t-Miss Nonprofit Conferences in 2019 – Kathleen Robinson

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2019 promises another wave of amazing Nonprofit Conferences. However, if you’re looking for an outdated PowerPoint Presentation on how to do a fundraising banquet than THESE EVENTS ARE NOT FOR YOU! if you’re convinced your Board of Directors needs training PLEASE STOP READING NOW! If you tired of going to your State Association’s Summit or AFP’s International Conference because you’ve finally realized they’re peddling products that don’t work then GOOD FOR YOU. Here’s a list of alternatives that are worth you time. If you’re serious about achieving SIGNIFICANT IMPACT for your organization than these are the conferences you don’t want to miss! We’ve researched what’s ahead and have attended these events. Here’s a list of what we believe are the can’t-miss conferences of 2019:

Here are the 6 Can’t-Miss Nonprofit Conferences of 2019. TAKE-A-LOOK and SAVE-THE-DATE if you’re committed to changing our world.

  • Confluence Philanthropy’s 9th Annual Practitioners Gathering, March 4-7, 2019, Brooklyn, NY – Confluence Philanthropy’s Annual Practitioners Gathering is a four-day conference where asset owners and their advisors meet at the cutting edge of mission-related investing. This Gathering represents the most advanced foundations, investment managers, and advisors in Impact Investing today.  They are distinguished by a commitment to building the field through collaboration, innovation, and their investments. Join us for deep strategic thinking, critical discussion, sharing and most importantly, fun.
  • SXSW Conference, March 8-17, 2019, Austin, TX – Next year marks the 26th Anniversary of SXSW, the world-renowned gathering that unites more than 420,000 people from across the globe. Each year SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people expand their knowledge and have the opportunity to meet fellow innovators on a mission to change the world. Conference goers take a deep dive into innovative ideas that contribute to a better and more equitable world. Browse past social impact sessions HERE.
  • National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives, March 26-27, 2019, Charleston, SC – NANOE’s 2019 Board of Governors’ Convention & Expo will unveil a new and growing set of capacity-building guidelines that empower nonprofits in ways previously thought to be impossible. These new techniques are based on field tested university research and are peer-reviewed during NANOE’s Convention & Expo. New Guidelines for Nonprofits have been designed for leaders who have a passion to grow their mission. For more information on NANOE’s Board of Governors’ Convention & Expo you can VISIT HERE.
  • National Development Institute’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up, Every Month 2019, Multiple Cities – National Development Institute is all about raising money from scratch!  Your mission is important and there are hundreds of thousands of philanthropic dollars available to underwrite the good work you and your team do every day. Over 14,000 CEOs, COOs and CFOs have already attended and discovered the millions of dollars that available they needed to become sustainable. That’s why you’ll want to REGISTER NOW for an upcoming Major Gifts Ramp-Up Event.
  • Sorenson Winter Innovation Summit, February 6–8, 2019, Salt Lake City, UT – The Winter Innovation Summit is the premier cross-industry event in social impact, innovation and investing. Earlier this year the Summit brought together policy makers, funders, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs to explore the future of social innovation across the globe. More than 700 guests unite for the latest breakthroughs in social impact, innovation, and investing, skiing the greatest snow on Earth and experiencing the 2018 Sundance Film Festival which takes place the same week.
  • Milken Global Conference, April 2019, Los Angeles, CA – Each year the Milken Global Conference brings together the strongest minds in business, government, technology, philanthropy, academia and media to examine global challenges and find actionable and collaborative solutions to some of the most important questions of our time. Watch videos from past conference speakers HERE

6 Can’t-Miss Nonprofit Conferences in 2019 was authored by Dr. Kathleen Robinson. Contact Kathy at [email protected] or call 800-257-6670. During her fifty-year career, Dr. Robinson worked in community and regional support systems development for at-risk families, children and youth organizations, community-based literacy systems, holistic family centers and nonprofit human services organizations. In addition, her focus has been on systems-based approaches to community planning and policy development, and social impact assessments of various community change projects. Her expertise is rural, integrated community development.

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