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New Bridgespan Group Study on Nonprofit Founder Transitions Counters Conventional Wisdom That “Clean Break” Is Best
February 21, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Louis Fawcett’s NANOE Experience: Why It’s Unique And Here to Stay

NANOE Experience Louis Fawcett NANOE President

There is no denying this: Starbucks has created an experience for customers that keep us coming back again and again. There are more than 8,000 Starbucks in the U.S. and each location provides the same products and service. Enter any Starbucks and you smell the rich aromas of coffee from all over the world. Order from a barista (not a server or coffee maker) and you are called by name. Sit down and enjoy the wood finishes and soft chairs. Listen to trendy music. Avail yourself of the free WIFI. If you are conscious of the environment and fair trade, Starbucks makes clear the ways they invest in protecting both. There are smiles all around as a cross-section of the community gathers each day for their Starbucks’ experience.

Here at the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE), we’re not serving coffee, but we are offering a unique experience. We live by our values and our values inform our behavior and performance. Talk to any NANOE member and you will hear truth spoken with authenticity. Participate in an event or online presentation and you will see the focus we place on the essentials of nonprofit leadership (not topics like politics, ethics or human resource issues best left to other authorities). Avail yourself to NANOE resources and learn from other members how to use free enterprise models and donor focused strategies to boost capacity for their organizations. At NANOE, we share joy and smiles all around because we know it is an honor to change and save lives. We know that the more positive our outlook the more productive our work will be! NANOE members have an experience that is authentic, accessible, achievable and affordable.

The NANOE Experience is AUTHENTIC: With propriety and grace, we speak the truth about difficult issues and big challenges. We don’t judge your background, motive or size of your organization. We honor you for the work you are doing to change and save lives and we meet you where you are. We understand you have families and lives outside of work that are more important than your vocational call. We are not afraid to challenge accepted norms in order to break through artificial barriers. We are concerned that your compensation reflects your experience, expertise and performance in the same way you would be paid in the for-profit sector. We don’t ask you to fill out reports or give token donations. We don’t set deadlines or make demands on your time. Often, we offer comedic relief and entertainment to help lighten your day. We believe that life is meant to be lived with joy and your important work should be joyful too!

The NANOE Experience is ACCESSIBLE: We believe there are no secrets when it comes to nonprofit management and fundraising. NANOE is not an exclusive club of elitists who tell you how to live your life and do your job. Our staff, administration and members are available to you for discussion. We are interested in your concerns and obstacles. We make new tools available through membership to NANOE. Our platforms are easy on the eye, up to date, mobile optimized and engaging. All resources are cloud based and available for your immediate use. There are no secrets to our success and you should have everything you need to grow your enterprise. We turn our members into innovators who solve problems (not just service them) by deploying heroic missions of scale that confront social and environmental dilemmas so completely that money chases after their every need. Here’s what you can expect from your NANOE experience:

We connect philanthropists, funders and academics to people that transform their worlds; We create platforms, programs and tools that supercharge financial capacity building; We form economic impact engines infusing capital into charities to guarantee mission success; We confront intellectual dishonesty using mass communications to dispel myths and disseminate truth; We disrupt industry associations, organizations and media outlets whose activities injure nonprofits; We build personal relationships with leaders that strengthen them and meet their needs; We establish compensation standards that safeguard the financial success of those employed in our sector; We credential executives in advanced management models, capacity-building and consulting; We research and report on scale, sustainability and significant impact; We host forums, conferences and events on scale, sustainability and significant impact.

The NANOE Experience is ACHIEVABLE: We have removed outdated obstacles that hinder you from fully entering the nonprofit world. Why? because we believe your passion, hard work and heroic missions are important. Regardless of your budget size or how long you have been in the nonprofit sector, we help you achieve personal success. NANOE Credentialing exams are open book and include the resources you need to become credentialed. Certifications are not about your test taking abilities, but rather, are about sharing new information as part of your professional growth process. Being certified is not about being part of an exclusive club, but about being honored for your experience and knowledge. We make it easy to become a member because the opinion of thousands of people matters more than a small group of elite practitioners.

The NANOE Experience is AFFORDABLE: We provide products and services at a cost that makes sense.

  1. NANOE Networking – You have an advocate! You are not alone. NANOE members form personal relationships with the thought-leaders, donors and volunteers who are transforming civil society.
  2. NANOE Credentialing – CNE, CDE & CNC are available to NANOE members only. Members who maintain their annual NANOE membership maintain their CNE, CDE & CNC credential automatically (no tiresome or expensive re-certification processes.) You can achieve your CNE, CDE, CNC credentialing online. Take your exams at your own pace using NANOE’s Save-As-You-Go function.
  3. Capacity Builder’s Download Library -Thousands of pages of source material providing you all the answers you need to make pass your credentialing exam!
  4. DonorScope Subscription – NANOE members have paid access to this comprehensive donor directory containing the contact information of 5 million net worth millionaires. DonorScope is for practitioners who are ready to meet the big givers in their community.
  5. Downtown NANOE – Members have unlimited access to this virtual online expo full of discounted services and products charities need to achieve their important mission.
  6. 501c3.Buzz Feature – BEE HAPPY when you and your important work are highlighted through this supercharged SEO platform.
  7. InsideCharity.org – America’s Trusted Nonprofit News Source is NANOE’s one-stop online magazine that curates respected capacity-building articles from NANOE members and thought-leaders.
  8. Board of Governors Convention & Expo – NANOE Members receive VIP access to this super biennial event.

Membership Cost: $100/year for an individual or $200/year for a nonprofit organization or $300/year for a for-profit corporation. Credentialing Cost: We offer three affordable credentials (CDE, CNE, CNC) $98 for one; $148 for two; $198 for three. Remember, there is no onerous re-certification process as long as you maintain your annual membership. If you do not pass the first time, there is no charge for taking the online exams again to achieve a passing score.

Here is the bottom line: the NANOE experience is about YOU. We are here to serve your needs, we don’t expect you to serve us.

So welcome to NANOE! Know that you are valued, appreciated and respected for your great work to change and save lives!


Louis Fawcett, M.Div., CNE, CDE, CNC



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