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Cathy Parker – NORTHERN LIGHTS – The Motion Picture

Cathy Parker Northern Lights NANOE

If you enjoyed Hollywood Director Andy Tennant’s Hitch, Sweet Home Alabama, Anna and the King, Bounty Hunter, Fools Rush In, Ever After, etc., then you’ll be excited to know that he’s bringing his magic touch to the new film NORTHERN LIGHTS. From CineVantage Productions, NORTHERN LIGHTS is the true story of a high school football team in desolate Barrow, Alaska, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where a group of isolated Native Inupiat young men find new hope and purpose in a controversial football program championed by, of all people, a Florida football mom named Cathy Parker.

Parker, a coach’s wife and working mother of four, saw an ESPN television documentary about Barrow’s bleak existence and its diminishing hopes, particularly among its young men and women. When asked what would give them hope, the school kids, who were playing the outdated Madden ’98 video game, answered: “Football.” At the time, they played on a Permafrost and gravel field, and had to post snipers at practice to ward off polar bears.

Cathy determined not only to bring the Barrow players to Florida to train with her husband’s high school team, but to build the Alaskans a first-class artificial-turf field above the arctic circle. NORTHERN LIGHTS is the amazing, true story of how Parker teamed with concerned Inupiat mothers in Barrow to become unlikely heroes to convince local authorities that football was the solution to the town’s social ills and a whole generation of young men.”

Brian Byrd, Hollywood Veteran and NORTHERN LIGHTS scriptwriter says, “This movie is far more than a sports story,” Bird said. “From opposite ends of the continent, two mothers take on an impossible challenge in the planet’s most remote town. In the process, a generation of young men gain entirely new life purpose. We’re thrilled, first, to help write this remarkable story, and then to bring it to the big screen.”

“If it weren’t for Cathy Parker and some brave mothers in that town, there would be no Barrow football program. It’s that simple,” CineVantage Productions Producer Honnie Korngold said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to bring her unlikely and true story to everyone.”

Your can view the NORTHERN LIGHTS original Producer’s Reel (previously named TOUCHDOWN ON THE TUNDRA) below:

Cathy Parker, also known around the world as the “Accidental Fundraiser”, will share her epic tale of raising millions (in only twelve short months) to build a football field above the Arctic Circle at National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives biennial Board of Governors Convention & Expo March 26-27, 2019 in Charleston, SC.

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    The book is great! Really looking forward to the movie.

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