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NFL Alumni Association Launches $100m Caring For Kids Campaign

NFL Alumni Foundation

Las Vegas, NV – July 24, 2023 The NFL Alumni Association in partnership with the NFL Alumni Foundation announced today the launch of $100 Million Caring for Kids Campaign. The NFL Alumni Association (NFLAA) will invest significant financial gifts in every community where the NFL Alumni Foundation serves its members.

NFL Alumni Association Caring For Kids CampaignThe NFL Alumni Association was formed in 1967 and is comprised of thousands of retired National Football League players, coaches, team staff members, and associate members. This is a heroic group of athletes who have dedicated their lives to perform hands-on community service and raise funds for youth-oriented causes.

Why the NFL?  Because this group of veteran ball players and their associates are uniquely positioned to raise millions because of the trust relationship they’ve built with audience members for over a century. In 1920, ten football teams gathered in Canton, OH to create the American Professional Football Association (APFA), now known as the National Football League!

NFLAA’s Las Vegas Chapter President Morlon Greenwood shared, “Our Caring for Kids Campaign is rooted in the NFL’s 100-year history of finding needs and meeting them – making promises and keeping them.”

NFL Alumni Association’s Proven Track Record

Caring for Kids is the NFLAA’s signature philanthropic initiative and has a proven track record of changing and saving lives. Last year, NFLAA’s Las Vegas Chapter spent $2 million on 40,000 families in Southern Nevada by investing in pediatric health, food insecurity, children’s education, youth scholarships, fitness, and safety. They were also tasked with supporting veterans suffering with PTSD and afflicted by homelessness.

Greenwood continued, “Our Caring for Kids Campaign is a life-saving enterprise. We’re pleased to announce that in support of this nationwide effort NFLAA has established a national Resource Development Committee comprised of veteran fundraisers who will raise the millions we require to accomplish our important mission.”

Greenwood a retired NFL linebacker and played collegiate football at Syracuse University. In 2001, he was drafted by the National Football League where he played for the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Omaha Nighthawks.

Vincent Versher, NFLAA’s Membership Director said, “Caring for Kids will touch the lives of 1.5 million children and families in every community where NFL Alumni Association has a presence. Over $100,000,000 will be deployed in 38 metropolitan areas to change and save lives. We’re not about ‘servicing problems” we’re about “solving problems” completely.

Versher is a highly sought after industry leader in branding, marketing, merchandising, entertainment, and immersive event productions. Vincent and his administrative team have formed the NFLAA Resource Development Committee to ensure they reach and exceed their $100 million goal.

Also on the board is Jackson Crisp, as Vice President. Jackson is a former NFL competitor, now an international speaker, mentor, and business coach. Jackson has worked with the United States Government and top companies, providing engineering and high-level project management services. Jackson currently provides motivational keynote talks in the areas of peak-performance training, mindset, productivity, influence, and focus.

Miguel Vazquez serves as Treasurer. Miguel played both professional football and baseball. Notably, he is the only NFL player to play both sports professionally. A coach for his son’s little league baseball team, he loves to travel domestically and internationally.

Debbra Ballard’s role is Secretary. Debra worked in the front office of the Indianapolis Colts. She is currently a producer, director, and editor at Adiva Media Design. She brings a wealth of communications and design experience to the NFLA as they raise money for Caring for Kids.

Heather Phillips of Business BFF Services heads up the board’s Enterprise Membership Committee. Business BFF Services is a business concierge service that acts as a bridge to help businesses grow by taking over tedious tasks.

In addition to Caring for Kids oversight, the NFLA board steers the chapter’s activities and programs, including its Enterprise Membership Committee. The NFLA Enterprise Membership Committee works to bring businesses together to help in the Caring for Kids cause.

NFLAA Resource Development Committee

NFL Alumni Association Resource Development Committee JIMMY LAROSE 07242023

The NFLAA Resource Development Committee (RDC) is led by a team of veteran fundraisers whose international work has raised over $1 Billion for charities in the U.S. and around the world. Jimmy LaRose, RDC Chair is author of the industry best-selling book RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY and is the renowned architect of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model. Jimmy is the founder of National Development Institute whose program has trained 17,000 charitable executives in nonprofit financial capacity-building. Stefanie Stark, President of Development Systems International, is known across our Nation as America’s Fundraiser and will co-chair the RDC. Joanne Oppelt, author of The High ROI Fundraising System, is also a Senior Counselor with Development Systems International. Finally, Louis Fawcett, author of RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS and President of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives.

“Caring for Kids is an investment in all of our futures. NFLAA has courageously committed to scaling their important mission to transform and save the lives of children and families. We’re privileged to be working with the most well known, and most respected organization in professional sports. It is a high-calling to raise and exceed NFLAA’s charge to raise and deploy $100 million on behalf of families in need.”


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